Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Through the tears and the pain
through the sun and the rain
you were there

through the troubling storms
through our many forms
you were there

through the rebellion and frustration
through the lies and misinterpretation
you were there

through the stumbling and falling
after my every calling
you were there

when i fell short when i stood tall
you were there through it all

or was it just your body and not your soul?
you couldn’t have been there in whole

you hurt my heart and made it erupt
you really brought me down instead of lifting me up

you made the tears flow, you didnt dry them
instead of making me feel secure, you made me feel frightened

your love was always shifting, never sturdy and strong
you don’t know how to do right, you only know wrong

people are objects, they have no feeling
instead of loving you were killing

not the body, just the heart
you really know how to tear someone apart

so don't ask me if i'll be sad when you're gone
coz you know what hon... "you were gone all along"!