Monday, September 28, 2009


i just felt a little sad today, i was browsing some pictures and saw one which includes an old friend in it. I don't know, there's part of me that misses him once in a while, and one of those days is today.

I just finished doing my thesis (which actually brought a smile on my face), and i haven't started any layout for my advertising yet. School has been pretty much a pressure for me, certain issues and work loads really drag my energy down to the next level. Exhaustion, can't help it.

Just a while ago while thinking of a good concept for our company brochure and print ad, a person crossed my mind, i suddenly said to myself: "it could have been less harder if we are still friends", and what i meant by friend is the friend I can consult on with my ideas, the friend i can confide my frustrations with, the friend who hates to see a girl crying but would patiently let me cry while i am ranting on random stuffs.

I was exhausted with so many things to do, but the biggest factor for my exhaustion is the feeling of being near the person who crushes your being, and you can't do anything but stay near, because that is how professionalism should be.

I started discovering the joy and pain of productions with him, and I am painstakingly continuing it without him. I imagined advertising subject last summer as something I would surely look forward to, and he knew it very well, having been a listener to my numerous plans and ideas.

And now, sitting in front of him and talking about our plans in advertising has been a poker game for me. Give him the poker face, that's your only salvation.

Whatever happened to 'few months ago', i surely hope that it was worth the experience. This is our last production, but this is not the most memorable... definitely.