Friday, December 29, 2006


QUESTIONS… I’ve got tons of that kept in my pocket.

My POCKET, underneath it is a hollow soul.

This SOUL is searching from every part of my body, down to the very end of my feet.

These FEET have been to all the journeys I’ve gone through.

JOURNEYS which have made me wiser and mature, life indeed is one hell of a roller coaster.

The ROLLER COASTER of my life made my head twirl, my stomach stumble and my hands wave up high.

HIGH above the dreams I only see.

I SEE my faults and mishaps as I close my eyes.

My EYES shed tears as I fall in love.

I LOVE to be cared for, to be embraced and hopefully, to be respected.

RESPECT, I need that, I believe that I deserve that… to hell with you if you don’t think I do.

DO what you’re supposed to do, follow what will make you happy, be oblivious to the monsters surrounding you… believe me you don’t need them right now.

NOW is the right time, now is the moment to smile.

SMILE when you see him, smile when you don’t, smile when he leaves you, but it’s healthy to cry.

CRY… he never saw me cry, but he heard me many times, I’m not sure though if he cared.

I CARED for him for a long time, and until now, I still do… I just stop letting it show.

My life’s a SHOW, sometimes I play the role I’m not supposed to have, say the lines he never has to hear.

HEAR me when I say that I’m stronger, it’s better to leave you alone, but he’ll remain special, he’s still in my prayers.

PRAYERS are sometimes answered, most of the time they’re not - not right now, but just wait.

I’ll WAIT for that someone silently, until my heart goes numb, until my mind could speak.

SPEAK the answers behind me, speak loudly so I can hear… I need desperately the answers to my questions.

QUESTIONS… I’ve got tons of that in my pocket…

Life’s a cycle, what goes around comes around… we only have to deal with it to survive.

Good luck and a happy new year to y’all!