Thursday, October 6, 2011


Just imagine what you have contributed to the world. It's like having a monument to each households! I am amazed on how you achieved so much, at a very young age. I guess you have served your purpose here already. Thank you for changing how we listen to music, how we communicate, how we exhaust technology!

Your name may not be familiar to some, but all your contributions would always be much appreciated and enjoyed.

You turned a small irritating animal into a very (and I mean very) useful tool... the mouse. And of course, you made a one of those usual fruits, into a world wide brand of sophistication, portability and pleasure... Apple!

Thank you Steve! I am very sure that the Lord would be very delighted to experience the wonders of your iPad =)

Sunday, August 28, 2011


There was an article published on Manila Bulletin, probably around August 24, that brought up commotion on social media. A friend tweeted about it few days ago, but didn’t get the chance to even take a glimpse of the link. It’s long weekend so I decided to browse the net, for about, um, whole day? Was about to sleep since it is 4am already, until I stumbled upon the said article, the article of James Soriano. Whoever that guy is. 

The article entitled “Language, learning, identity, privilege” deliberately insulted the Filipino language. I was shocked to read that from a Filipino, who was raised in the Philippines, and is still in the Philippines. Aside from the obvious reason on how a Filipino can insult his own language, what really surprised me is how one can actually be too polluted with what we call colonial mentality. Too polluted that it can actually betray its own identity.

I have to admit, I hate the Filipino subject. I am sure many hated it as well: it’s boring, difficult and downright confusing. But the Filipino subject isn’t just about the technicalities of speaking Filipino, it is not just for practicality, or even for formality’s sake. Studying Filipino is like reaping our culture. It is not just about ‘pang-abay, parirala, or pangngalan’, Filipino subject is also about ‘bugtong, alamat, nobela’. Those riddles, tales and novels that our Filipino writers wrote and is shared from one generation to another. Could you English “eto na si kaka, bubuka-bukaka” and still find it amusing? The Filipino subject introduced Florante at Laura, Ibong Adarna, and how can one disregard Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. Have you read any of Francisco Baltazar and Jose Rizal’s writings? In the whole world, very few can understand and feel the sentiments written on those magnificent novels. But bring out any of the Twilight series, and prepare to share the same mediocre emotions among the rest of the readers. That’s something for them to envy about. Just imagine the French, having their romantic language, no need for any cheesy Twilight verses (sorry for being bitter about Twilight though, haha).

Filipino subject is boring, difficult, confusing: a picture of intelligence indeed.

Filipino as the language of the streets. Filipino as the language for tinderos, maids, manongs. THIS BECAME QUITE HARD TO GRASP. C’mon, they all have one thing in common, well 90% of them I guess… they didn’t finish school, primarily because they lack funds. So does that mean that Filipino is for the unlearned and poor? Or that the English language is the embodiment of cleverness and wealth? I can’t blame you if that’s how you see it. Somehow I would blame society, for the apparent line between the rich and the poor. Never thought though that this line dictates how one speaks from another. You came from a good school, heard you’re an Atenean, a place where you breathe in the smell of money, of cars, of businesses, of intelligence… and of the English language. Most probably you were brought up by your parents in a world where in you get to mingle only to those of the same perception of life as yours, and so your only discernment of middle and lower class are your helpers, and of those in the streets. Can I not blame you for that?

I would have to agree that the English language is very important in one’s career: Thesis, essays, interviews, client meetings, just few of our English combats.  But as a Filipino, our own language is also very important in one’s life, yes life in general. May it be in your career, family, friends, partner, the Filipino language will be your salvation. For no matter how articulate you have spoken the English language, at the end of the day, the words “Salamat”, “Mahal kita”, “Pasensya”, would still mean more than the overrated ‘I Love You”. What I am trying to say is, though I would want my future kids to practice the English language well, it is because I want them to have an extra gear for confidence, but I won’t disregard our own language. My future kids will learn how to say “Po” and “Opo”, and would consider our language, not as a basis of social status, but as a country’s medium for unity, communication, and pride. Ironically he preferred to use it as a means of discriminating one class from another.

I could raise all my eyebrows up when he said that the Filipino language is not the language of the learned. This is one of the most superficial judgments ever. Without all hypocrisy, I would want this article to be in Filipino, but I have always been frustrated for not being able to write fluently in that language. And that for me is ignorance. Not being able to speak the language of your own is ignorance. And pushing that the language of another land is but the best… is betrayal. I would still understand how you were able to write those things about the English language, you have been a product of western dominance. But what I don’t understand is why you have to write such things about the Filipino language, it’s like stabbing the Filipinos themselves, and you’re a Filipino too, that’s what made it more painful.   

On the other hand, I would like to thank you. Your article opened up my eyes on the effect of the years’ past to the present generation. Your article made me love my language more, I never imagined I would defend the Filipino subject, I won’t be surprised now if I ever would defend Mathematics someday! Your article has been very timely to actually contemplate on this month’s preservation of our native language.

Lastly, thank you for admitting that you are worse than a stinking fish… but sir James, you live here, in the Philippines, and the least you can do is to not let us smell it too.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


This is Hero ‘Chip’ Abrera:

And this angel needs our help. With whatever amount, or any helping hand you may offer, will surely be a step forward for Chip’s recovery.

To my readers, if you may kindly help me spread this information, I will forever be thankful! :)

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011



One of the short films in Nestle’s Kasambuhay sa Habambuhay.

This is my favorite among the 10 films. A light satire that depicts the lopsided life of the rich and the poor. I personally like how they used the seesaw as an instrument of power and humility. No need for big stars and for complicated settings. Brilliant script. Kudos Sir Henry Frejas =)

I hope our mainstream-commercial movies would focus more on a good script, rather than on love teams and trying hard horror flicks.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


So again, my blog became quiet for, well, a very long time. June has passed, and my mission to write something in commemoration with LGBT pride month, obviously failed. For the benefit of those who aren’t aware, June is actually LGBT, or Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender, Pride month. A time to be proud of your sexual orientation!

With all due respect to the acronym LGBT, I don’t think the letter ‘B’ should be there anyway. Bisexuals? Well, I don’t really believe on the term, I mean Bi- Sexuals, having two sexualities. Some say that you are a bisexual because you like the same sex and/but still like those of the opposite sex, but for me, you call yourself a bisexual because you play safe, preferring to be called such for it sounds better, and well, basically in denial. Whether you’re still attracted to those of the opposite sex, I don’t care… that’s still gay! And there should be nothing wrong with that.

I remembered this supposed June article tonight because one of my closest gay friend texted me to let me know that he and my other gay buddies missed me tonight at Obar Ortigas. Sundays became an Obar night for me for the past months. It’s a bar at home depot and malate mainly for gays, but of course everyone’s still welcome to join the partey! It’s kind of fun to actually go to a bar without being too conscious on whether you look perfectly pretty and hot enough or not, since of course no one would bother to hit on you after all. I would even be the one to apologize every time they would accidentally bump my chest, haha!
Many of these gays I must say are good looking, some are social climbers and some are shy. It’s a different clubbing experience. I don’t get to pick a guy to dance and flirt with. I don’t expect someone to give me a drink. It’s not the bumpin’grindin’ fun you’ll intimately enjoy, but the aura that these happy people give is enough to make you shake the dance floor!

One thing I noticed on gays too is that they have this certain need for class. And I guess that’s one thing that us girls love about them. It’s like they are made to conquer the world of style, creativity, and yes, fashown! Perfect example are these three famous gays on their own respective field: Jake Galvez (a beauty artist); Matt Gozun (a fashion stylist); and Buern Rodriguez (a hair expert), all hosts of the podcast: Becky Nights, a show that exposes the everyday journey of beckies, a slang term for gays. I learned this through my officemate, who happens to be, what else… gay! Live every Mondays at 9pm, catch them on Ustream and laugh at their mishaps and gossips. I thought these three won’t click coz they’re like a lil bit intimidating for the ‘common’ listeners, but what made them more interesting is that they built a bridge between people of high fashion, or as what Tricia Gosingtian would like to put it: “fashion forward”, with those people from the middle class (I have to exclude the lower class, like they even have Ustream right?). 

There is this saying that a girl’s life won’t be complete without having a gay friend. I guess, I would have to agree with it big time. I am very blessed to have this certain relations with gays, I mean I am not the ‘babaeng bakla’ type, but I always have this instant connection with those of the 3rd sex. Maybe one thing that connects me from them, aside from enjoying the entertainment of backstabbing haha, I suppose it’s the way we love someone. The way we treat love and relationship, the despair and the longing for that special person.

Gays - If there is one word to describe them, it would be IRONIC. They are one of the happiest people on earth, but they also carry some of society’s hurtful judgments. For most gays I have known, pride in relationships are not important, they give their everything, but in return, they are also the same people who are easy target for cheating, for being used, for being maltreated. Lastly, Gays for some may seem weak, may seem helpless, like they can be easily pushed down, but you know what, some of the strongest people I’ve known are actually members of the third sex.

Gays carry the sensitivity of females, and the strength of males. I cannot imagine life without these fairy godmothers. I just hope we can all see their worth. And for those men who love to ruin their lives, please, they have bigger balls than you! For every member of the gay community, thank you, your natural intelligence, wit and charm will always be appreciated. And for every heartbreak that you will encounter, just have faith, I know relationships for gay people is not easy, but at least love yourself. We, girls, need guys like you: loyal, sweet, brave… and beautiful… coz baby you were born this way! Hahaha! =)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


This is an independent group who volunteered to help the kids of White Cross.

Show your love and support by giving your donations on July 23, 2011. For other details, please feel free to email ( me.

God Bless! =)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I would just like to apologize for not being able to update my blog,
ow yes I am still alive =)

I am preparing to write one probably this week,
I feel that this is the best time to press down some thoughts...
coz sometimes writing is just seasonal, sometimes writing 
is just like praying, you only remember it when you're sad.

 And there's a hint right there, yes my life sucks as of the 
moment, and I have you, my blogspot, to turn to... 
but not right now coz I'm at work =)

Speaking of work, there's this super duper uber hhhooottt guy,
like my ideal guy, only I am not sure if he has the brains, someone who is
intellectually stimulating, someone I can talk to and actually learn 
something from it. 
But nevertheless, he's hot, and that's all I need this summer =P

also accidentally became a contestant for a drinking game:
5 shots of different hard drinks, and then 1 whole liter of Colt45,

ano ako baliw??

to think that i drink VERY slow, I never expected any chance of winning.
And I am right... I lost =D
Right after the game, I sat down for a while, stood up, went to the cr... and vomited big time, urgh!


That's all... yes I'm still alive... tadah! =D

Sunday, March 6, 2011



Student Shoots Girlfriend Before Shooting Self In Manila

(Updated 6 p.m.) A college student shot his 17-year-old girlfriend in the face during a confrontation inside one of the classrooms at the Universidad de Manila on Saturday and then shot himself, a radio report said. 
According to a dzBB report, one of the students who witnessed the incident said the shooting happened on the third floor of the school building at 11:20 a.m., involving the suspect and his girlfriend, both freshmen students taking up political science.
Their names have been withheld as both students are minors.

The radio report said that two were supposedly arguing about the girl's being two months pregnant. She allegedly wanted to have the baby aborted but the suspect reportedly objected to the idea.
However, a later report on GMA News TV said that the girl had actually been trying to break up with the suspect but was threatened several times by the latter. On Wednesday, the suspect had allegedly threatened to kill the girl if she tried to break up with him again.

Wilfredo Lial, a freshman, said the suspect then rushed out of the classroom and opened fire at the students. The suspect then tried shooting himself in his temple. The report did not indicate whether other students were hurt.
"Noong una tinutukan niya ng baril iyong babae, tapos nagpaputok pa siya uli, kami na ang pinagbabaril niya," said Lial.
The report said the suspect used a cal-38 pistol.

Authorities have yet to determine how the suspect was able to sneak the firearm into the school premises, it added. Investigators are checking reports that the shooter's father is a policeman.

The girl was rushed to the Manila Doctors Hospital while her boyfriend was brought to the Philippine General Hospital. Classes in the university have already been suspended due to the incident.
As of this posting, there was no report yet on the condition of the two in the hospital. The school has yet to issue an official statement. —
Mark MerueƱas/LBG/TJD, GMA News

Sometimes I wonder how love can actually transform you to being either the most beautiful fairy in the land, to being the most gruesome monster alive.

Or maybe both. Maybe love does give you both of its extreme consequences. That bliss at the start, and that remorse at the end. 17 year olds, minors, how can love poison you at a very young age. You are yet to know the most hurtful things love can do… and you are yet to discover the magic love can give you, if only you had handled it well.

I am a bit depressed right now, and this story did became a wake up call for me, that hey, you are just like those two freshmen victims of love. DO NOT LET LOVE CONSUME YOU. At the end of the day, yes, we are all victims of love… but c’mon, we are also our own suspect. Love slowly, we only have ourselves to blame.

Monday, January 17, 2011


(Ashton Kutcher , Natalie Portman)
"No strings" means no jealousy, no expectations, no fighting, no flowers, no baby voices. It means they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, in whatever public place they want, as long as they don't fall in love. The question becomes- who's going to fall first? And can their friendship survive? 

get more movie reviews from MTV!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Filipinos borrow many traditions from the Chinese, and the idea of letting go of bad luck/bad spirits and ushering in good luck for the coming new year is the overall theme for Filipino New Year celebrations. Come late December, fruit vendors set up their stalls in more convenient locations so that people can get easier access to round fruits. You see, preparing 13 different kinds of round fruits (apples, watermelons, oranges, kiwi, etc) during New Year’s Eve is said to bring good luck and prosperity to the family for the coming year. Why 13 round fruits, you ask? 13 is a lucky number to the Chinese, and the fruits’ round shape resembles coins. Hence, wealth and prosperity. Eating 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight (one for each month of the year) is also said to bring wealth and luck. 

 So did you do this last New Year's eve =)