Sunday, July 24, 2011


This is Hero ‘Chip’ Abrera:

And this angel needs our help. With whatever amount, or any helping hand you may offer, will surely be a step forward for Chip’s recovery.

To my readers, if you may kindly help me spread this information, I will forever be thankful! :)

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011



One of the short films in Nestle’s Kasambuhay sa Habambuhay.

This is my favorite among the 10 films. A light satire that depicts the lopsided life of the rich and the poor. I personally like how they used the seesaw as an instrument of power and humility. No need for big stars and for complicated settings. Brilliant script. Kudos Sir Henry Frejas =)

I hope our mainstream-commercial movies would focus more on a good script, rather than on love teams and trying hard horror flicks.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


So again, my blog became quiet for, well, a very long time. June has passed, and my mission to write something in commemoration with LGBT pride month, obviously failed. For the benefit of those who aren’t aware, June is actually LGBT, or Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender, Pride month. A time to be proud of your sexual orientation!

With all due respect to the acronym LGBT, I don’t think the letter ‘B’ should be there anyway. Bisexuals? Well, I don’t really believe on the term, I mean Bi- Sexuals, having two sexualities. Some say that you are a bisexual because you like the same sex and/but still like those of the opposite sex, but for me, you call yourself a bisexual because you play safe, preferring to be called such for it sounds better, and well, basically in denial. Whether you’re still attracted to those of the opposite sex, I don’t care… that’s still gay! And there should be nothing wrong with that.

I remembered this supposed June article tonight because one of my closest gay friend texted me to let me know that he and my other gay buddies missed me tonight at Obar Ortigas. Sundays became an Obar night for me for the past months. It’s a bar at home depot and malate mainly for gays, but of course everyone’s still welcome to join the partey! It’s kind of fun to actually go to a bar without being too conscious on whether you look perfectly pretty and hot enough or not, since of course no one would bother to hit on you after all. I would even be the one to apologize every time they would accidentally bump my chest, haha!
Many of these gays I must say are good looking, some are social climbers and some are shy. It’s a different clubbing experience. I don’t get to pick a guy to dance and flirt with. I don’t expect someone to give me a drink. It’s not the bumpin’grindin’ fun you’ll intimately enjoy, but the aura that these happy people give is enough to make you shake the dance floor!

One thing I noticed on gays too is that they have this certain need for class. And I guess that’s one thing that us girls love about them. It’s like they are made to conquer the world of style, creativity, and yes, fashown! Perfect example are these three famous gays on their own respective field: Jake Galvez (a beauty artist); Matt Gozun (a fashion stylist); and Buern Rodriguez (a hair expert), all hosts of the podcast: Becky Nights, a show that exposes the everyday journey of beckies, a slang term for gays. I learned this through my officemate, who happens to be, what else… gay! Live every Mondays at 9pm, catch them on Ustream and laugh at their mishaps and gossips. I thought these three won’t click coz they’re like a lil bit intimidating for the ‘common’ listeners, but what made them more interesting is that they built a bridge between people of high fashion, or as what Tricia Gosingtian would like to put it: “fashion forward”, with those people from the middle class (I have to exclude the lower class, like they even have Ustream right?). 

There is this saying that a girl’s life won’t be complete without having a gay friend. I guess, I would have to agree with it big time. I am very blessed to have this certain relations with gays, I mean I am not the ‘babaeng bakla’ type, but I always have this instant connection with those of the 3rd sex. Maybe one thing that connects me from them, aside from enjoying the entertainment of backstabbing haha, I suppose it’s the way we love someone. The way we treat love and relationship, the despair and the longing for that special person.

Gays - If there is one word to describe them, it would be IRONIC. They are one of the happiest people on earth, but they also carry some of society’s hurtful judgments. For most gays I have known, pride in relationships are not important, they give their everything, but in return, they are also the same people who are easy target for cheating, for being used, for being maltreated. Lastly, Gays for some may seem weak, may seem helpless, like they can be easily pushed down, but you know what, some of the strongest people I’ve known are actually members of the third sex.

Gays carry the sensitivity of females, and the strength of males. I cannot imagine life without these fairy godmothers. I just hope we can all see their worth. And for those men who love to ruin their lives, please, they have bigger balls than you! For every member of the gay community, thank you, your natural intelligence, wit and charm will always be appreciated. And for every heartbreak that you will encounter, just have faith, I know relationships for gay people is not easy, but at least love yourself. We, girls, need guys like you: loyal, sweet, brave… and beautiful… coz baby you were born this way! Hahaha! =)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


This is an independent group who volunteered to help the kids of White Cross.

Show your love and support by giving your donations on July 23, 2011. For other details, please feel free to email ( me.

God Bless! =)