Monday, December 28, 2009


I wasn’t able to watch Tara Santelices’ story last last Saturday at MMK (Maalaala M2o Kaya) so I patiently watched it at Youtube. I remembered my friend telling me that someone from Ateneo got shot somewhere near their place (she lives in Cainta). The news brought some organizations and bands to raise funds in order to help the Santelices’ large amount of hospital bills reaching into million pesos. But of course I didn’t knew much until I watched her story in MMK, Karylle played Tara’s character. She was in coma for a year, she passed away last July, 2009. Tara was shot in the forehead by a hold-upper who’s with her in a jeepney along Imelda Ave. The suspect wasn’t caught until now. Justice didn’t prevail.

Of course this blog wasn’t timely at all, but I just can’t help but feel sad after watching her story. And to be honest, I felt scared commuting at night, esp.riding in jeepneys. It just annoys me how some evil men can do such, I mean get our things, no need to kill us! I am alarmed, saddened, scared, victims like Tara is no different from me, a young woman with so many dreams. I dream of a place where it’s safe to walk alone at night, a place where there’s no need to be paranoid, but these are too much to ask.

Kids, tell your parents where you are at the wee hours of the night (I should tell that to myself as well). Seeing Albert Martinez and Cherry Pie Picache’s (Tara’s parents in the story) despair over their daughter made me realize that indeed, it’s not easy for a parent to wait for his child to go home. It is a dangerous world out there, and we only have ourselves (and God of course) as protection, so be careful!

Another thing that saddened me is what I’ve watched in National Geographic Channel’s ‘On the Edge’. It featured rhinos, tortoise and lemurs that are on the cliff 1of extinction. Even if we get to save these animals, do we still have a place for them in the wild? That’s one of the questions asked in the show, and again it saddened me to see forests turned into infrastructures. I saw what Madagascar looks like at present, and whew, the movie is all but a dream land! I love animals a lot, I wanna have a pig for a pet, I adore penguins and I find owls too funny. I fear that one day even dogs and cats are gonna be rare to find. We are searching for ways to discover dinosaurs, to revive the long extinct creatures, but what we don’t realize is that we have so much great creatures today, let’s not wait for them to die in extinction.

Monday, December 21, 2009


Last week we attended UP'S PILING OBRA VIDYO 6 (POV6) at UP Diliman's Cine Adarna. We came there to support our entry Huwanted! Though we didn't win, I am still proud that Huwanted made it to the final screening. Congrats to the winners by the way. Harana is sooooo cool! Though kinda intimidating, i am still proud of them! Onse is good too, though we wondered why the entries' sponsor turned out to be the sponsor of the POV event as well. I am proud of these two entries primarily because it showed hope on our film industry!
But the main reason why I decided to write about the said event is because of our disappointment with the hosts of the program. The hosts were joking around on stage, making spiels and jest that only them can understand. We can't relate to what they're laughing about. They were cracking jokes and all that. I mean it's okay to give life to a program by saying something funny, but how can the audience laugh if we can't relate to them. Many students from different schools came, and so it surprises us on the way they acted there. I personally look up to UP students, I salute their intelligence and so it came to me as a disappointment to see some students there act as if it's them only in the venue. They could have at least respected our presence.

Still, i would like to thank POV for giving the students a chance to showcase their projects, we just hope next year's event would be more formal. Again congrats to all the entries, they're all great!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009



R&B star Ne-Yo will perform live on January 9, 2010 at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.

The opening act for the Ne-Yo concert will be the newest and hottest all-female group “Eurasia” from Viva Records.

Early Bird Ticket Prices:

Seal Location Price
VVIP PhP 7725.00 Reserved Seating
VIP PhP 5665.00 Reserved Seating
PLATINUM PhP 4120.00 Reserved Seating
GOLD PhP 2575.00 Free Seating
SILVER PhP 1545.00 Standing
BRONZE PhP 515.00 Standing

The Ne-Yo Concert 2010 is produced by Brown Cross Investments Inc.

For tickets inquiry and sales, call 891.9999 or you can Buy Your Tickets on this link.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


“Never in the history of journalism have the news media suffered such a heavy loss of life in one day.”

- an international media group said in a statement concerning the Maguindanao massacre that happened on Monday.

(45 bodies of people that include politicians and journalists were abducted in a pre-election related incident.)


Saturday, November 7, 2009


okay im currently hooked up with my new Tumblr page =D

i have always been curious on how this thing works after seeing it on some of the blogs i've reviewed in candymag. I did find it cute right away actually, being an easy access for you to post SOME pictures (large number of pics are not advisable here).

One more thing, I believe Tumblr does fit me since i love to "play" around photoshop and do some creative scribblings as a hobby. See Tumblr is like a place for graphic junkies slash emo slash photo journalists slash coolness (haha). Don't get me wrong though, i believe all of the sites that i am currently signed in to are cool (and that will include you my blogspot Ü),
but these sites have their forte that make them stand out from the rest...

the social media that lets you upload music and at the same time embed them to your other sites. This is for the music lovers in the house (like me of course), i can put my favorite songs in a playlist and share them. This is web's first embeddable music and video playlists.

THE DOWNSIDE: i don't visit my imeem page anymore, the songs are only played for 30secs.argh!

haha, well this used to be the conyo version of friendster 6 years ago. Don't be surprised when foreigners start to add you. You can do so much with myspace, esp.if you like to design your profile layout, they kinda have all the perks to do it. This has also been a site for aspiring musicians bec.they can upload their music or videos and get some fans. Colbie Callait for example, she gained popularity by uploading her music in myspace, and whoala, the rest is history.

THE DOWNSIDE: i will later cancel my account in myspace bec.i don't use it anymore, people from whatever countries just keep on sending me lame messages and inviting me to events i can't obviously attend to bec.I am far away from their places, hello! Myspace lost its popularity in the Philippines even before it became a hit.

need not explain, this site is for the video junkies. Those who like to record themselves or watch other people's creative or stupid juices on the boob tube. If Imeem and Myspace is a place for musician to gain popularity by uploading their music, Youtube can give you the fame by simply uploading your video. Singers like Charice Pempengco, so as Gabe Bondoc, Passion and Jason Dy became popular through Youtube. Aside from these singers, Happy Slip and other cool discoveries in Youtube became hits too! Video blogging (or vlog) became popular and video projects became exciting.

THE DOWNSIDE: if you're not popular in youtube, don't expect people to add you as their friend, just be contented browsing those videos, it's still fun anyway!

Also known as Blogspot. This blog publising system is obviously a place for bloggers, for online journalists. Those who like to blah about stuff, or vent out their emotions through writing, this is exactly your place for comfort. It's quite easy to use, you can also put photos, videos, etc., but like what i have said, they all have their forte, and from the name itself, this is best for bloggers, for writers... like you!

THE DOWNSIDE: most of the time, fellow bloggers are the only one who knows your blogspot, and only those who are interested in blogging would most probably sign in to blogger, so this is not a place for social web encounters in case you're expecting numerous followers / subscribers.

or those who like to edit stuffs in photoshop, this site like what i have mentioned is a good place for design junkies. Cool statements, funny caricatures and awesome shots are posted here. Each posts can be reblog by any tumblr user. Reblog is simply posting someone's post into your tumblr. This is like your media shortcut, you can post text, images, video, links, quotes, and audio on your Tumblelog, a short-form blog. But of course cute designs are still the favorite. You are updated by other people's posts by following them, the more followers you have, the higher your Tumblarity gets! See cute statements in tumblr, and make some of yours too!

THE DOWNSIDE: Tumblrs don't really care much about long journal entries, and that's exactly the purpose of this post, get a blogger instead! Also, some tumblrs post nonsense messages on good designs, is it for tumblarity's sake? i don't know! I hope tumblr would gain popularity though!

whew, this is the bastion for real artists! A place to promote your artworks. Not only can they exhibit them but discuss them as well with fellow geniuses. Digital art, Traditional art, Photography, etc.are categorized here for convenient searching. Ow yeah, you can search cool images here (but consider the credit of course). Not only that, you can search for brushes here, how cool is that! I actually envy those good artists in deviant art, kudos!

THE DOWNSIDE: i really don't know, i don't have a deviant art account, i haven't heard any bad feedback yet as well.

this is a good place for photographer's online portfolio. Multiply is a good site for uploading tons of pictures and organize it in an album. It's also a good place for those who like to pimp their page, those addicted to css codes, i for example had done 6 layouts for my multiply page already. Your music, blogs, events, photos, etc.are well organized with multiply, making it look like your own domain site. That is why many photographers and sellers use this to promote their business.

THE DOWNSIDE: well anonymous viewing is not possible here so stalkers are not welcome, unless its for public viewing. Some also find it complicated to use Multiply, but for me I am still a fan!

well this is basically for those who like to broadcast their whereabouts or be updated by other people's lives.
This is a micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets. Many celebrities use this and I believe they are the ones who are fitted for twitter bec.most probably their lives are sensible enough to follow, esp.if you're a fan. Twitter has been helpful and evident on the recent Ondoy typhoon, indeed this is for broadcasters in the making, making twitter a venue to disseminate information, hopefully relevant ones.

THE DOWNSIDE: Well I don't have twitter and i don't think i will need it at all. But suddenly twitter became a source of many celebrity word wars. Too much update on one's private life is a lil bit dangerous don't you think?

this is because facebook is all about multitasking. I guess some can relate to me that we tend to play our favorite facebook game while checking our friend's recent wall posts, tagging our friend's photos, commenting on someone's hilarious status, answering an irrelevant quiz and finally checking what God wants us to know. There is so much to do with facebook! Pet Society, Texas Holdem Poker, Farmville, etc.are also some of the famous attraction on facebook users (excluding me). Facebook is similar to Myspace although Myspace use HTML / CSS codes while facebook uses plain text. I find facebook easy and simple, esp.on the comment part, typing or liking a post and blabbing it out to all of your facebook friends is easy as 1, 2, 3. So far, Facebook is the most popular among my peers.

THE DOWNSIDE: better update your email notification option if you don't want your inbox to get flooded with updates. The photo tagging can be a lil bit annoying sometimes (c'mon don't intentionally tag your friend's silly moments on cam, insensitive mor*ns!). Lastly, in facebook... everyone's updated, your whole conversation is posted, funny, haha!

consistent, "I will not leave my friendster, damn you all social-network sites!", let's admit it, we are all friendster babies. Before having our facebook, multiply, etc., we did got hooked up with friendster right? Many relationships failed bec.of infidelity discoveries in friendster, many fights revealed on the friendster bulletin, many girls screamed bec.of the sweet testimonial their crush gave them, many boys smiled with the hot chics they added, many assumed and concluded stories on why this person viewed them, many... and I mean many, had their little share of stories with friendster. It was 2003 when I started friendster, and now, using friendster is like social suicide. I don't think I will cancel my friendster account, though I'm not updating it anymore, i just think it's one of my links to the past, esp.those testimonials that somehow reminded you on how you were few years back.

THE DOWNSIDE: Oh well, too many gangsta slash emo slash social climbers slash old men have polluted the site! And sad to say, almost everyone I know uses facebook already.

So many sites to browse right? I wonder what's next year's hit will be... and I wonder who will be forgotten eventually.

Time to sign up... time to cancel some. CHOOSE WHERE YOU BELONG. Post the real you. THIS IS NOT A POPULARITY CONTEST.

PS: i just noticed, most of their logos are on the shade of Blue, coincidence?

Monday, October 19, 2009


late post.
cool place...
prayer mountain in paenaan... good for sould searching! ;)

Monday, September 28, 2009


i just felt a little sad today, i was browsing some pictures and saw one which includes an old friend in it. I don't know, there's part of me that misses him once in a while, and one of those days is today.

I just finished doing my thesis (which actually brought a smile on my face), and i haven't started any layout for my advertising yet. School has been pretty much a pressure for me, certain issues and work loads really drag my energy down to the next level. Exhaustion, can't help it.

Just a while ago while thinking of a good concept for our company brochure and print ad, a person crossed my mind, i suddenly said to myself: "it could have been less harder if we are still friends", and what i meant by friend is the friend I can consult on with my ideas, the friend i can confide my frustrations with, the friend who hates to see a girl crying but would patiently let me cry while i am ranting on random stuffs.

I was exhausted with so many things to do, but the biggest factor for my exhaustion is the feeling of being near the person who crushes your being, and you can't do anything but stay near, because that is how professionalism should be.

I started discovering the joy and pain of productions with him, and I am painstakingly continuing it without him. I imagined advertising subject last summer as something I would surely look forward to, and he knew it very well, having been a listener to my numerous plans and ideas.

And now, sitting in front of him and talking about our plans in advertising has been a poker game for me. Give him the poker face, that's your only salvation.

Whatever happened to 'few months ago', i surely hope that it was worth the experience. This is our last production, but this is not the most memorable... definitely.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


So let me share to you my recent realizations on random things, and since I am here at home, nursing myself from a hangover, why don’t I relate this blog to drinking.

5% ALCOHOL IS STILL ALCOHOL. No matter how little a damage is, still a damage is a damage (and yes I’ve repeated damage thrice in one sentence, ooops, ive said it again, 4x then… haha), but it’s up to you to control it. You know for a fact that when you drink a beer, there’s an alcohol content, 5% alcohol of 1 bottle may be few, but you have consumed 4 bottles, now what gives you? Each of us contain our own alcohol content, our own flaws, don’t deal with people with high alcohol content though, too much of it will only give you the perennial headache. Choose who to trust, remember that alcohol in beers are the ones who gives us the high, it may either make us so happy, or worse, make us damn wasted. Control the alcohol intake; don’t wait until you have to puke it.

WATER IS THE DRUNK’S BEST FRIEND. Since beer dehydrates us, did you know that no matter how much you drink, if you take 3 glasses of water between beers, you won’t get drunk at all? And even if I feel relieve after drinking coffee when I’m drunk, it doesn’t really help. Coffee dehydrates us as well… you would just end up being a wide awake drunk. Just like in life, we all need our water when we’re wasted. We need our friends. I am so happy because I’ve seen who my trusted friends are at those times when I felt so down. And surprisingly I discovered a friend I never thought would be there to check on me. I am very grateful because despite whatever pain I’ve felt, the essence of friendship still remained. I found a new friend, and I’ve surpassed a test of friendship. It is indeed a lifetime friendship, my lifetime water, clear, clean and over flowing =)

WATCH YOUR PACE, NEVER DRINK TOO FAST. Drink as slow as possible, that’s why I prefer to drink with my own bottle than tagay. I always consider drinking sessions as a time to converse, to bond, and to share the most hilarious story to the most senseless experience. It’s not about bragging your capacity to drink, and of course no pressure, don’t rush yourself to finish your beer. Same with my career, fortunately I don’t get pressured by the people around me, my advertising group and thesis mates are cool. My boss is sweet as usual, and clients are over whelming (especially… hahaha!). But I am pressured by time, so little time, so many things to do. Why do I always get stuck up with time?! Ironically I am enjoying all that I am doing, but physically I am drained already. I guess like in beer, I’ll take it slowly, no need to rush things, inhale, exhale, one drink at a time.

EAT BEFORE YOU DRINK. Eat before you drink or eat while drinking. The food will not only help absorb alcohol slowly, but also slow your drinking pitch down. I make sure that I ate before drinking since I’m not the type who eats while drinking; I just don’t like the taste of food and beer altogether. Whew, this is a huge realization last night. I got drunken big time! I am not usually like that, I have my composure and I hate vomiting. I felt helpless last night, no energy to hang on, haha. And yeah I blame it on my diet. I’ve been feeling weak lately, but I’m not on a crash diet just so you know. I eat but my rice intake is ultimately small, like 1/3 of a cup of rice. It has been like that since summer started, and I saw the effect, they really noticed my loss of weight, so I thought, why stop it. But then the level of my activities is not at par with the amount of nutrients I put on my body, and that’s what weakened me. I am jeopardizing my health on vanity, yeah like it’s a new thing on girls right. I will learn then, I’ll eat a little more starting today, I don’t want to get drunk like last night again, hahaha!

NOTHING CAN SOBER YOU UP OTHER THAN TIME. Have a long sleep, you can’t instantly cure hangovers. The only way to sober you up is the alcohol leaving your bloodstream - which your body does naturally through the filters in your body (like your liver). But this requires one thing.... time. Yes indeed time heals everything, no need to rush things, especially when it involves emotions. I’ve realized that for all it’s worth, what matters most are the lessons learned during those ‘dizzy’ times. Sleep for a while, or in life, take a rest, give a prayer, and smile. Everything has its purpose, again don’t rush the answers, I guess reasons for circumstances are only revealed when you are ready to accept it. Coz if you’re not, then you won’t realize its worth. Being sober is a choice, detoxifying is not an easy thing to do, but just let time do its magic, coz genuine intentions will absolutely prevail after all.

So I got drunk on my own alcohol content for some time, I drank it fast, forgot my capacity limit, and puked after. Yet somehow I am okay now because I’ve taken my gallons of water already. Don’t be afraid to get drunk in life sometimes, fall down to your mistakes, vomit unnecessary emotions, walk deliriously on decisions, and get dizzy with the pain. We need alcohol sometime to show the real us, to reflect happiness, or even sadness, but once you get drunk, help yourself be sober.

Hangovers are never easy, but at least you know what to do, when your next bottle gets to you! And for the record, I did miss the water Ü

Sunday, July 26, 2009















Sunday, June 21, 2009


Am I an h1n1 carrier? I am on self quarantine as I write… I’m yet to know if I’m positive. Last night my temperature was 39.5! Whew! Man I’m HOT!

I started feeling sick last Thursday, attended a house party that night then went home the morning after. I stayed at home the whole day Friday, felt heavy, well not literally. I thought it is just a hangover, though I didn’t drank too much.

Then Saturday when I woke up, wow I felt cold, dizzy, my temperature' s high, ow yeah… I AM SICK!

I wore mask the whole day, my temperature went higher. Cough and flu were more evident today, but the temperature’s a bit lower now. My mom said last Saturday that they will still observe me before going to the hospital, and I hope I am doing better. I don’t want to eat the same meal again!

noodles and juice forever

Oh well, I am a responsible HOT lady anyway, I make sure not to cough or sneeze on anyone here at home, just in case I am carrying the annoying virus. I hate being sick, I can’t go out, I wasn’t even able to answer Jarred’s call =(, or entertain Shayne and Chat’s visit here, I can’t taste the food I’m eating, and the worst part… I miss having a good good shower! I stink!

Well, good thing I can use the net now, I really hope this is nothing; the h1n1 fever is making us all paranoid, darn.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


I attended SHARKBAIT MEDIA SOLUTIONS’ “DOTS ENTERTAINMENT” (a talk on digital art) last May at Cyberzone One Ecom Center. And I just wanna share how relieving that talk was for me, I mean wow, we Filipinos are good!

I am supposed to come with our photographer chicboy Mackoy, but sudden events happened at work so I came to the event by myself (no documentations whatsoever, hai Mackoy hehe). Nevertheless being alone made me focus on the talk further, and yes I am sitting in front, NERD haha.

There are 3 speakers on the said event, they’re all cool and I can smell the creativity on each of them:

Joel Chua of PIXEL PINTURA: He demonstrated a few of Pixel Pintura’s Digital Coloring & Painting tips and tricks. He jokes once in a while and he’s pretty good with brushes.

He colored this one live on his laptop with the photoshop brushes.

He also did another illustration with the use of photoshop pencil and brushes, while giving some tips on how to make your life easier on adobe photoshop.

I like Joel Chua’s willingness to share his knowledge to young and aspiring artists. He actually gives FREE 30-minute assessment and demo session, just schedule it with him.

From "Hello. I have been teaching and developing the Pixel Pintura Workshops since 2002. I have been doing digital coloring & painting since 1999, particularly for work in comics, children's books, animation, games, and advertising. During these workshops my hope is that you benefit directly from that experience whatever you intend to do with the skills you will learn.” – Joel Chua

Do try it… it’ll be cool =D

Rommel Celespara of WACOM PHIL.: He showed us the products of Wacom that is very useful for graphic artists. He talked about the products with humor (he’s quite funny actually) and credibility that we actually forgot… um… how expensive those are, hehe!

One of the products that I got interested on is the Bamboo Fun Tablet.

The way I see it, it’s like shifting from a keypad phone to a touch screen! =) You won’t have to use a mouse anymore; the stylus pen is your best friend. Especially for those who edit for hours, man your right hand is sure to hurt right? This is good for photo editing, digital paint, draw & sketch, and handwriting.

Rommel also showed us some of his works, with the use of Wacom Bamboo Fun of course, and wow he’s good! I like how he showcased his personality through his works, and how he defended digital art without the expense of discouraging us on traditional art.

Benedict Carandang and Che Bello of TULDOK ANIMATION Studios Inc: This is my fave! They talked about how their non-stock non profit organization started and showed us their masterpiece ‘Libingan’, plus a teaser on their new project ‘Pasintabi’.

I was really inspired by this group. You know what, they told us that they don’t have an office, they just meet on fast food restaurants for brain storming, conceptualization, etc. Tuldok Animation consists of young and eager artists who are willing to expand and promote Filipinos’ skills and creativity.

I am happy that they’re supported by NCCA (National Commission for Culture & the Arts), the government supports young and aspiring artists like them, very eager to uplift the countries’ potentials on animation.

Tuldok Animation is also encouraging us to join (yes if you can be a voice talent, or an animator or musician, why not audition!) and support them as well.

All in all I realized that we do have a say on digital art (digital animation, digital painting, graphic designs, etc.), and though there have been debates between digital art and traditional art, I guess what’s important is how you were able to pursue your dreams.

Lastly, i realized on this talk that there are so MANY skilled artists out there that are STILL willing to share their knowledge and talent to dreamers like me, and like you...

besides, passion without inspiration is nothing, thus thank you for inspiring me =D



Sunday, May 31, 2009


I am gonna write this blog to end this stressful sh*t once and for all.

I am gonna write this blog to satisfy my need to release everything through writing.


For the past week I have seen a part of reality that I never knew existed. It was something that brought me pain and big disappointment.

If there is one thing that I have been thankful for this year, that is having a friend whom I can talk about my dreams with without being judged or discouraged. He is a friend who has influenced me to be better, a person who has given me a wiser perspective in life. I have been very thankful for everything that he, and the people affiliated to him, has thought me. They’ve been a brother and a buddy all rolled into one.

Then in a snap, I lost that trust. It became very painful, really, because as much as I wanna bring back that trust, I can’t, it’s hard.

Then we lost the respect. We ended up with hurtful words, words I don’t even wanna remember because I find it hard to accept that he was able to say such words to me without basis. BUT I UNDERSTAND.

For one week I was able to realize so many things.

Words are not enough to know a person; a man of words is not a man of perfection. But despite doing me wrong, I still won’t judge the advices he has given me, and up until now I will still live up to his teachings. Practice what you preach.

It’s never easy to accept that someone who you look up to would end up hurting you, judging you.

You come out strong, mature and wise, and then be questioned afterwards for being weak and for being hurt. That I can handle situations because I am intellectually capable to grip it… did he ever realized that emotions are harder to deal with.

And the biggest thing I realized through this experience is that it’s so HARD to do what is right. For the whole week I prayed for peace of mind, it hasn’t become easy, but I have to do what is necessary. It’s so difficult to tell him that everything is for good intentions, but come to think of it, I don’t need to push it, if he can’t understand it then fine. That is the worst debate we’ve ever had. But I left that place with a clean conscience because I know I am with HIM through every decision I made.

Still I wanna say SORRY for everyone who got hurt, who got affected in the process. I apologize to him for the pain I’ve caused. I know he will never understand my good intentions, so I will leave everything up to God. I never got mad; I was devastated really, but not mad. I still believe that genuine tragedies in the world are not conflicts between right and wrong. They are conflicts between two rights.

I am sorry if I have said some things that may have hurt him, I remembered him telling me: SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO BE THE BAD GUY, IN ORDER TO BE A GOOD FRIEND.

If I have to end up being the bad guy here, it’s totally fine. Sacrifices, not very easy, but I’ve accepted it now. I lost a friendship because I wanna protect someone and because I wanna do the right thing. As much as it hurt me, I didn’t regret it, maybe some people just come into our lives to teach us lessons, and indeed… I learned a lot. THANK YOU.

I am proud of myself that despite the pain I still chose to do what is right, that despite the imperfections I am still able to stand up for what I believe in.

I WILL ALWAYS BE A FRIEND, TO EVERYBODY, ESPECIALLY TO MYSELF. I won’t turn my back if he needs me, but right now all I can do is pray for his betterment, I still do continue to pray for him, again I leave everything up to God.

That is probably one of the craziest week I’ve ever had, one of the most distressing summer, but then again I am still relieved. I may have lost a friendship and I may have ruined my reputation, yet I gained wisdom, I gained faith… and this time he may call it bragging.

“There are only two people who can tell you the truth about yourself - an enemy who has lost his temper and a friend who cares for you dearly.”



Thursday, May 14, 2009


I was privileged to be invited to the Director’s Guild of the Philippine’s (dgpi) Technical Workshop on Film held at The Block D- Cinema last May 9.

I saw many familiar faces in the film industry like Tony G. Reyes, president of DGPI; Joel Lamangan, an award- winning film director; Audrey Zubiri, wife of Senator Miguel Zubiri; Oli Laperal Jr., managing director of RSVP Film Production; Percy Fung, 3D film maker from Hong Kong; and many others!

I learned so much about film making, cameras, post production, etc. One of the exciting parts is watching 3D made music videos and clips which were also discussed by Mr. Percy Fung.
Of course the 3D presentations won’t be possible without the 3D shades =)
I felt a little dizzy with the computations and numbers lectured by Mr. Oli Laperal Jr. (but they do make sense… a lot)!

But I ultimately went back to my senses when they talked about the 4K RED camera. Whew, it’s cool! RSVP Film Production is the first one to own the Red camera here in South East Asia. They showed us their demo reels using the 4K cam and I was impressed big time! The colors are very detailed and the images are realistic. I totally recommend this for food advertisement, even the olives looked tasty to my eyes. The test shot on time warp is cute too (cute?haha).

To give you an idea on what the hell I am talking about, see there are 5 main standards of digital video cameras, ranging from the high end digital cinema cameras, to your ordinary everyday household DVcam. The 480p or SD (standard definition), most commonly 720x480 in NTSC regions, is what you get in a decent DV camera. The 720p on the other hand, is the 'low end' HD. 720 lines vertically, commonly 1280x720. The 1080 is the topmost HDTV format. 1080 lines vertically (HDTV, unlike the cinema formats, are measured by their heights not width). The maximum is 1920x1080 at 60frames per second progressive scan (I’m not really familiar with the term progressive scan though). Now the 2k is 4k's little brother. While 4k exceeds 35mm film quality, 2k is a little below. 2048 pixels wide, it's around a quarter of the quality of 4k. And 4k is the mother of all digital film formats. 4096 pixels wide visual heaven! I told you, they discussed a lot of numbers in the workshop, and yeah, they do makes sense right?

The Knowing (Nicolas Cage), Angels and Demons (Tom Hanks) are just some of the films, among about 400 other Hollywood films, that already used the Red camera. Baler (Jericho Rosales), the indi film Pintakasi (John Wayne Sace), and many other film and advertisements here in the Philippines also used the Red cam.

RSVP film production also showed us a demo reel on animations which also got my attention. Working on the post production is like being the magician of the film, anything is possible! And i think having a fully digital workflow for the film will make editing,visualFX,color-grading and distribution a lot more painless and trouble free than having film rolls. Digital media can be a little pricy though. That Red One cam is woopin' expensive Jonah!haha!

Someday I would get to use that Red ‘hot’ camera. Someday I would get to present a demo reel (done by me only,haha) about how awesome my ad agency is (c’mon I’m dreaming here!). But my biggest dream is to have a seminar to students and inspire them to achieve greatness and coolness in the mediocre world of film and advertisement!

Wahahaha… dream on…. yeah… and wake me up later!