Sunday, October 28, 2012


Late post. I look like a flag, para safe :P Grats beda! Cheers still @kevinlouiealas ;) #ncaafinals  (Take with Instagram)

Remember my first post about this year's NCAA, where I mentioned my hope on seeing two of my favorite teams (San Beda Red Lions and Letran Knights) on the finals? Just imagine my joy when it did happen this season! I was on my way home from work when my friend texted me the good news that Letran Knights won over San Sebastian Stags for the finals spot. Not to offend anyone, but I really don't want to see Baste on the finals.

Compared to the Red Lions though, I am more passionate on cheering for CSJL Knights. It all started with my frustration of studying Advertising there, to unexpectedly gaining friends from the school, to joining their annual Adspeak competition, to working in the events agency a group of Letran alumni built... and to almost dating one. San Beda on the other hand shared some good influences too. Mainly that their building is just across my school, San Beda students and I also shared almost the same memory of the everyday road, food, and "tambay" experience. Because of proximity and connections, I was also able to gain Bedista friends. Let's not include the dating part as it will just remind me of Mendiola immature kilig days, haha! In short, both schools left me with good impressions, but Letran was closer to heart.

The Knights and Red Lions rivalry was tagged as the Green Archers - Blue Eagles of NCAA. Both colleges showcased competitive rankings on the past decades, not just basketball. Their rivalry started way back 1950 when they met for the first time, in the finals. Before this year though, the last time they saw eye to eye in the finals was five years ago, 2007! So again, just imagine how thrilled I was for this year!

I was kind of skeptic towards Letran's victory at first, but realizing the winning moves of Raymond Almazan, Mark Cruz... and of course, my favorite Kevin Alas (scoring an all-time NCAA Final Four high total of 43 points) I became hopeful that they can, or might, get the championship title for this season.

The finals started last October 18 for Game 1, at the MOA Arena - San Beda Red Lions won. Game 2 was held on October 20, this time at the SMART Araneta Coliseum - CSJL Knights won! I was praying on Game 2, calling for a game 3, and was literally slapping the shoulders of my companion on the left. The 3rd Game happened last October 26, again at the Araneta Coliseum... the Lions won. I can't remember the look on my face, just seeing the 67-39 score is depressing. But the best part with my favorite rivals on the finals though, is that I still can get to celebrate the opponent's victory! Haha!

The red crowd was crazy of course. The cheers, the drinks, the 'kantyawan' after, were crazier! Yet I still feel for Kevin Alas. Good job for Mark Cruz too, my childhood crush / your brother Marvin Cruz (former player of UP Fighting Maroons) must have been so proud of you! Going back to Kevin 'Ace' Alas, hehe... I hope to get a picture with you next year, in the finals! Law of attraction, Letran Knights will be in the finals for season 89! Hoping for another Beda-Letran face off! Yes Stags, please keep those horns away from the limelight again.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


nothing but the beat tour #davidguetta #moaarena #alesso #dj #laserstrobe 
So I gave my number to a scalper last night so he could text me once he finds cheaper tix for David Guetta's concert while strolling around MOA... aba nagtext ngayon ng "Goodafternun Pau, sabihan nyo pu ako sa ibang event o concert kung need nyo ulet tiket. san pu kau ngaun? snak tayo... jejeje" - PAU NA NGA, JEJEJE PA... at sosyal - "SNAK" haha!

Good thing Guetta rocked my night! This French house music producer and DJ killed it! Together with Alesso, and all those laser strobes, masterfully made stage design of lights and sounds, this is probably the biggest party scene of the year! I have always liked David Guetta's beat, brings out the fist pumping mood in me. The DJ definitely got us falling in love again!  

Without You - David Guetta  feat. Usher (Nothing But The Beat Tour - Manila)

Without You by Usher feat. David Guetta is actually on my top 10 fave songs of all time. I don't know but since the very first time I heard this song, I knew - I had to hear it live... or at least party with it live with the DJ haha!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Miss her sermon 👈& her sumbong👉. Dj's night ule chi?not? haha! Love u both! (Taken with Instagram)
September has been truly good to me. Can't be specific with every blessing that came my way, but I am just hoping for better days ahead. So happy to see old friends as well, haven't got the chance to see them for quite some time.
Another one. Mga mukhang inosente haha! @ninamagyani (Taken with Instagram)
makukulet paren! raffy's bday!
makukulet paren! raffy's bday! (Taken with Instagram)

humabol sa picture while taking a phone call hehe, (Taken with Instagram)
with jec and meloi at En Route #oneofthoseweekend #enroutedistillery #girlfriends
with jec and meloi at En Route #oneofthoseweekend #enroutedistillery #girlfriends (Taken with Instagram)
weeks ago. nakiki-triple bday with hsbc peeps! #centralkalayaan (Taken with Instagram)
I think one or two of those pictures above happened late August, not September, just not sure. I will always appreciate a good drink and definitely great food at the end of a busy week! But the best part with seeing them again, as I don't get to join my old friends that much anymore, is hearing how they have been and unfortunately even hearing the not so good ones. I heard a story of a girl ending a 6-year relationship because of endless cheating while also struggling the pain of being a child out of wedlock. I heard a story of two wives both fighting for their right over their husbands' families. I heard a guy's story of being left by a woman carrying his child. I heard all painful stories... in one month! I just have to include that here coz it was really an eye opener, and I also realized that I need more time to check on my friends once in a while. Sorry for being busy. But man, I have seen so many tears in just a month! Good thing movies like The Mistress don't make me cry anymore!

On a lighter note though, also happy to say that I made it on the top 3 spot for link count and also on the top 3 spot together with 2 others for link quality, all for my first month. I am opening learning opportunities to seo (more than the link building that I used to do) slowly. Actually I just finished some Google Adsense 101 a while ago from the expert, my supervisor, hehe! I would probably update you guys with my plans on pursuing the other aspects of digital marketing, depending on God's plans for me.
my first month was a good start!😊 Yay!:) #seo #top3 #saumpisalangyanhaha
my first month was a good start!😊 Yay!:) #seo #top3 (Taken with Instagram)
Right now I am enjoying the busy streets of the South. I have no regrets on choosing to take risks and discover myself more by working in an industry and place that is out of my comfort zone. It was also overwhelming when I got an offer for DotPH, unfortunately I am already employed. Leaving my ad agency in QC was indeed a right decision, thank you September for not making it hard for me.

Sometimes we tend to miss chances because we are afraid to give up what has been easy for us. Sometimes we stick to our comfort zone, not realizing that it can cause us mediocrity. Don't close your door because of fear that something so good won't happen again. Try peaking, and you'll be surprised on what you will discover.

I tend to sleep earlier now, and wake up quite early too. Sometimes I would get drowsy half way of a drinking session, bummer! Haha! I also don't smoke at work anymore, and is slowly becoming an occasional smoker. I don't know what kind of inspiration & motivation hit me, but it is a pretty good hit anyway.

This is not me, this is not my comfort zone, but surprisingly... I kinda like it :)