Sunday, October 26, 2008

JUST STAND UP feat. mariah, beyonce, rihanna, etc.

here, in this video, are the amazing female singers in FASHION ROCKS that worked together to support the Cancer's cause:
Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Rihanna, Fergie, Sheryl Crow, Miley Cyrus, Melissa Etheridge, Ashanti, Natasha Bedingfield, Keyshia Cole, Ciara, Leona Lewis, LeAnn Rimes, Nicole Scherzinger, and Carrie Underwood.

why is nicole scherzinger not in the picture? well actually melissa etheridge, sheryl crow & leann rimes are featured in the song but didnt get to perform so they had nicole scherzinger to do it


carrie underwood's short...

mariah is wearing a shirt, wow not too obscene, congrats..

i dont like beyonce's hair, probably rihanna's influences =P

love fergie's voice, very manly... bwahaha..

i don't get nichole's outfit..

ciara didn't have a solo part?

is that natasha bedingfield with the white pants? pasaway...

leona lewis looked like a mariah clone..

keyshia cole and ashanti... ow, yeah i almost forgot they're there =P

mary j. blige looks like beyonce's mother here...


what the hell are you doing there miley cyrus?? she spoiled the song, she should have lowered her voice a bit... "Things get better....What..ever!"? well things get better miley!! whatever...

christina aguilera or alicia keys should have been there don't you think?

but nevertheless, i still love the song!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

SO LAST SEM SUCKS (fao is back!)

Our net got busted for a month (whew! total sacrifice!) so I have to catch up on my photos and page (bare with me if I upload overdue pics =D). Speaking of which, as I was browsing on my pending photos, I have realized (benhur kaw ba yan?) how much I missed my old friends. No, not the literal “old” ones, but my friends from high school and previous semesters.

I miss my high school buddies, it’s still different when I’m with them, primarily because they’re my batch mates. See, it’s still a whole lot different when you’re with people of the same age or older than you, coz ultimately, they make a lot of sense. My high school buddies are my sanity, they may be practical, but ain’t cheap… definitely!

I miss the original 1D! Two consecutive Saturdays, I, together with some of the original 1D, met up at Pier1 and at Gif’s bday. Simple yet fulfilling. 1D is our section when we were in 1st year college. Yes, these are my first set of friends in ceu (not technically speaking though, hehe). Some shift courses, some changed school, but I dunno, being with them still brings smile to my face. I even have a very very long blog dedicated to them in friendster. Yes some may be younger than me, but if I’ll compare them to the bunch of kiddos I’m meeting at present, I bet you, they’re way C – O – O – L to deal with. And I’m quite proud that my little sisters before are now just like me, gimikeras na! Reich, Garret, and of course Cara, they know how to party already, sometimes you really have to bite on the other side to experience ‘FUN’, right gurls?

I miss my St. Joseph’s college friends (kumpleto talaga ung name ng See I’ve spent my 1st semester last school year in that school. Gawd, I had so much fun in that one sem! You know what’s cool about that school, besides you being friends with everyone because of the small population, is actually the fact that social climbers are less tolerable there compared to ceu *but I soooo love ceu, im not generalizing everyone*. The girlfriends I had in are incomparable! They’re so humble, yet bitchy, ow yeah, that’s what I like about them! And what I meant by bitchy, is being more experienced in life, therefore we can relate to each other, no KJ’s whatsoever. But there are some drama queens in the way, many immature honestly, but you know why I still miss them? Because they’re immaturity lead us to be Blair Waldorf (gossip girls) or Regina George (mean girls)! And what’s so special about that you may ask? Simple… it ain’t boring!

Lastly I miss my college friends from other schools, mainly Letran, UST, APC, Trinity, etc. (haha, halo halo tlaga kme). I miss my ex-bestfriend Ryan, or my UAAP angels Lexie and Jelaine. I miss my macho papa Mackoy, Poknat’s crew. I miss Domingo and his sisig. I miss the good times (with Mo? haha). Those moments when all we wanna do is have a joy ride and end up having a very emo conversation outside Select convenient store. Or Jam playing the guitar while everyone else plays sober even if we’re evidently fucked up and wasted already. I miss the advices… I miss the real college students.

This semester has been a whole lot different compared to my past semesters. Maybe because this is the first time I’ve been the irregular student. But I dunno, if I’ll sum up this semester, minus the academic side of it, I would say it was plain boring. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my present friends, I treasure them actually, but if given the choice, I know I’ll go for my ‘old’ friends. That is one of the reasons why I had at least one subject with section B, I don’t want to be detached from the warm group (borgy, marlyn, etc.). Maybe Jairo understands me, he seems to be enjoying the B section.

To simplify it, I miss being with the “real college barkada”. Do you ever remember a time when you’re younger and you’ll see college barkadas and realize (benhur again?haha) how cool they are? You hear their conversations and jest that you just can’t wait to go to college? That’s what I’m missin’! But of course I have a choice, I can still meet up with my ‘old’ friends, but considering my 32units semester, the best thing to do is to go with the flow. I’m not used to this though; I don’t like to be in a group where they never get tired to push each other’s egos. I want the group whom I can hang out with during Saturday nights. Or girlfriends I can have a chat with in Starbucks (or any cafĂ© for that matter). I miss the convoys and joy rides. I want my friends who know the “good” places, not the cheap ones. I’m not being judgmental, I just miss being with the friends I’m used to hang with. The group where I will actually grow, this sem has been a boring roller coaster indeed, whew, it’s hard to put your studies on top of your list!

Finally it’s sembreak! Wake up lovelife, wake up night life, wake up chikkas, wake up vanity… it’s time to pamper myself. Next sem, I hope to have a better one, a wilder one to be exact!