Monday, December 28, 2009


I wasn’t able to watch Tara Santelices’ story last last Saturday at MMK (Maalaala M2o Kaya) so I patiently watched it at Youtube. I remembered my friend telling me that someone from Ateneo got shot somewhere near their place (she lives in Cainta). The news brought some organizations and bands to raise funds in order to help the Santelices’ large amount of hospital bills reaching into million pesos. But of course I didn’t knew much until I watched her story in MMK, Karylle played Tara’s character. She was in coma for a year, she passed away last July, 2009. Tara was shot in the forehead by a hold-upper who’s with her in a jeepney along Imelda Ave. The suspect wasn’t caught until now. Justice didn’t prevail.

Of course this blog wasn’t timely at all, but I just can’t help but feel sad after watching her story. And to be honest, I felt scared commuting at night, esp.riding in jeepneys. It just annoys me how some evil men can do such, I mean get our things, no need to kill us! I am alarmed, saddened, scared, victims like Tara is no different from me, a young woman with so many dreams. I dream of a place where it’s safe to walk alone at night, a place where there’s no need to be paranoid, but these are too much to ask.

Kids, tell your parents where you are at the wee hours of the night (I should tell that to myself as well). Seeing Albert Martinez and Cherry Pie Picache’s (Tara’s parents in the story) despair over their daughter made me realize that indeed, it’s not easy for a parent to wait for his child to go home. It is a dangerous world out there, and we only have ourselves (and God of course) as protection, so be careful!

Another thing that saddened me is what I’ve watched in National Geographic Channel’s ‘On the Edge’. It featured rhinos, tortoise and lemurs that are on the cliff 1of extinction. Even if we get to save these animals, do we still have a place for them in the wild? That’s one of the questions asked in the show, and again it saddened me to see forests turned into infrastructures. I saw what Madagascar looks like at present, and whew, the movie is all but a dream land! I love animals a lot, I wanna have a pig for a pet, I adore penguins and I find owls too funny. I fear that one day even dogs and cats are gonna be rare to find. We are searching for ways to discover dinosaurs, to revive the long extinct creatures, but what we don’t realize is that we have so much great creatures today, let’s not wait for them to die in extinction.

Monday, December 21, 2009


Last week we attended UP'S PILING OBRA VIDYO 6 (POV6) at UP Diliman's Cine Adarna. We came there to support our entry Huwanted! Though we didn't win, I am still proud that Huwanted made it to the final screening. Congrats to the winners by the way. Harana is sooooo cool! Though kinda intimidating, i am still proud of them! Onse is good too, though we wondered why the entries' sponsor turned out to be the sponsor of the POV event as well. I am proud of these two entries primarily because it showed hope on our film industry!
But the main reason why I decided to write about the said event is because of our disappointment with the hosts of the program. The hosts were joking around on stage, making spiels and jest that only them can understand. We can't relate to what they're laughing about. They were cracking jokes and all that. I mean it's okay to give life to a program by saying something funny, but how can the audience laugh if we can't relate to them. Many students from different schools came, and so it surprises us on the way they acted there. I personally look up to UP students, I salute their intelligence and so it came to me as a disappointment to see some students there act as if it's them only in the venue. They could have at least respected our presence.

Still, i would like to thank POV for giving the students a chance to showcase their projects, we just hope next year's event would be more formal. Again congrats to all the entries, they're all great!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009



R&B star Ne-Yo will perform live on January 9, 2010 at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.

The opening act for the Ne-Yo concert will be the newest and hottest all-female group “Eurasia” from Viva Records.

Early Bird Ticket Prices:

Seal Location Price
VVIP PhP 7725.00 Reserved Seating
VIP PhP 5665.00 Reserved Seating
PLATINUM PhP 4120.00 Reserved Seating
GOLD PhP 2575.00 Free Seating
SILVER PhP 1545.00 Standing
BRONZE PhP 515.00 Standing

The Ne-Yo Concert 2010 is produced by Brown Cross Investments Inc.

For tickets inquiry and sales, call 891.9999 or you can Buy Your Tickets on this link.