Monday, September 3, 2007


Concerning Chris Anthony Mendez’s death… I would like to express my deepest frustration to the cause of his loss… HAZING!

Let’s stop this nonsense ritual of brotherhood. I have my own friends who are in a fraternity or sorority, but that doesn’t mean that I am 100% on full support to their cluster. I was a bit alarmed when I heard Chris’ death. I imagined him and other previous victims hopeless and at the same time struggling to prove their manhood to this so-called “brothers”. To SIGMA-RHO… don’t show us how a crap you guys can be. Stand up and be MAN ENOUGH to own up to your grave offense! To the doctor of Veteran’s Hospital who happens to be the FATHER of a member of Sigma-Rho Mico Cruz… be ashamed of yourself. You don’t have any right to bring a doctor’s name while tolerating a murder case done by your own son!

I really understand why some people enter such fraternity: it may be for camaraderie, for manhood’s sake, PEER PRESSURE, and basically a school tradition. But UP DILIMAN, lay down an explanation, do something about it… this time I would agree with Senator Miriam Defensor when she said that UP should still do something about their fraternities because we have LAWS concerning hazing. You can be a good school, I wouldn’t deny it… I even have a previous post here concerning my attempt to enter UP, but then is this what these students like Chris have bargained for? A long paddle, a spank at the back, a slap on the lower body, a 50/50 % chance of living in the emergency room, a mother’s CRY FOR JUSTICE, and a student’s goal all TAKEN FOR GRANTED?! I seek my need for a CHANGE, to the schools… please, not all traditions have good outcome. To the students, if you could EXPLAIN to me how a brotherhood is related to murder, then I would salute you all for a job well done. To the parents of fraternity members, let all these be a HORRIBLE WARNING, don’t tolerate, but do communicate. And to the victims of hazing including Lenny Villa (a neophyte of Aquila Legis, a frat in Ateneo) you have my prayers; I HOPE that justice will soon prevail.

A little nod, a soft tap at the back, a clap of support, jamming sessions, cheers of beers and a short game of basketball… that for me is the true essence of brotherhood.

dedicated to a good friend Sebastian Toledo who was taken out of his basketball team because he had his legs fractured due to hazing… and to Poknat too… well, he should know why!tsk2!