Monday, December 31, 2012


Thanks 2012. mga sumalo ng not so good start of the year ko. Aaaw :) πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜˜πŸŽ‰πŸ™Œ #2013 #girl #holiday #newyear #blessed #loves #FrameMagic (taken with Instagram)
Happy holidays! Just like me, I know you guys have been very busy this December, and hopefully it's also the good kind of being busy, you know, the fun way of doing it?

So my almost 2 weeks vacation's coming to an end, it's time to shift to working girl mode once again, and I'm not excited about it, haha. 

Nevertheless, I am more than thankful for this vacay... SULIT!:)

Here is my top 5 reasons why my December Holiday's a bang:


Of course this is the moment for right and left Christmas parties! Drinking sessions and buffet of food all week long. I was able to attend parties from different set of friends and loved ones, but let me share here the christmas parties of the three companies I have been part of (wasn't able to attend the party of the Advertising agency I worked with).

We have created such good bond and considered each as family, that's why I'm still welcome to gate crash their parties haha!

Last thursday's tagged photos 1 #weegpeeps (taken with Instagram)
Last Thursday's tagged photos 2. With 3 of the most serious people I know. Haha! #weegpeeps #friends (taken with Instagram)
After party with the link and web developers! SEO talks, joking around, and those usual teasing. Was able to see long lost officemates, had 3 bottles of Sanmig Light w/o being tipsy, and went home 4am considering I have a morning shift after, haha! EASTWOOD REPRESENT! 

painting the town red. CBV dancing the night away! #corporateparty #red #holiday #lateupload (taken with Instagram)
ow dj callum!<3 #callumdavid #dj #house #remix (taken with Instagram)
Painted the town red! Lots of employees, lechon (i love it!), and extravagant raffle. They actually gave away 100k pesos for 6 lucky raffle winner... EACH! Plus other monetary prices and GC's. The fireworks are beautiful, and the ala- street party drinking sesh was unexpectedly fun! Got to dance beside Ms. Cory Vidanes, and was so close to DJ Callum David! TIMOG REPRESENT!

tunay na logic Xmas party! Retro70's inspired! πŸŒΈπŸŽ‰πŸ“€ #sinisipagmagedit #party #christmas #retro #seo #ascott #FrameMagic (taken with Instagram)
This is my fave among the three! I got to party and spend the so-called end of the world with these people. The theme is retro 70's, there's a raffle for samsung notebook, lcd TVs and GCs. The highlight of the party is the battle of 11 teams for the 15k price money. I personally like the place - Cafe on the 6th at Ascott Makati. 

There's a wide open space outside the cafe so you can just go out when you want to smoke or feel the fresh air while drinking in one of the gazebos. The food's more than enough, presentable, and taste fair too. Regretting not being able to take 2nd serving of the potato balls w/ bacon bits, and the fresh salad with that perfect dressing though. It's open bar too so you can just go to the bartenders and drink whatever you like. Regretting not being able to take advantage of the free booze too by the way.

team marlon and the Kanorians!:D #friends #loves #bestseoteam #retro #party #vintage #FrameMagic (taken with Instagram)
Lastly, my team won 3rd place! Team Marlon and the Kanorians hell yeah! But you know what makes this party stand out from the rest, aside from it being well organized? It's the people. The camaraderie, the party and rock & roll spirit of the crowd, the cool bosses... damn definitely missin' everyone! MEKETI REPRESENT!


Christmas is where everyone's celebratory, and where functions, anniversaries, weddings are best spent on.

Beautiful face! Beautiful answer! #missuniverse2012 #JanineTogonon #twitter (taken with Instagram)
I love watching Ms. Universe ever since, it's that inner gay in me, though I am not as diligent as them in terms of memorizing the names of past winners... as in years years past winners. I don't usually appreciate a morena beauty as much as I do with the fair skinned ones, but Janine Tugonon really struck me! I love her eyes, the way she speaks, and her confidence. When my mom saw Ms.USA, she said that her beauty is 'pang-Ms.Universe', and once again, my mom's prediction is correct. Prior to the announcement, I was really shouting, jumping, and hoping for the crown. 

Half of my day was spent complaining for that loss. Homecourt decision, tsk. I don't like her red dress and her keso de bola hairstyle. Bitter? Haha. 


What an irony, they said I lost weight this month! I guess the walkathon challenge is effective after all. Although I think I gained weight again since I didn't deprive myself to food this Holiday week, but it's okay, I feel sexy still, chos! :D


That tail end of a year is also a chance for everyone to put down their work loads and spend the holiday vacations and leaves with their families, partner, or even an alone time for themselves.

Rush hour w/o the traffic!:) yay holidays! πŸ‘ #road #holiday #instadaily #girl #rushhour #roadtrip #instacollage (taken with Instagram)
That glorious moment of having a long drive to south without the traffic. Woohoo! Got to spend an out of town trip with special someones. I really felt distant to stress, toxic people, and just slept and woke up smiling. Bakasyown indeed!

And yeah, got a new pair of glasses again finally. No eye twitching at work anymore!


Christmas is also a good time to wish for presents, and all employees hear me on this... BONUSES!

Holiday freebies and gc's :) #companyperks #sodexo #freebies #holiday (taken with Instagram)
A sweet 13th month pay isn't applicable to me though, since my stay in my present and previous company's short. But I appreciate the perks given, plus the better compensation I am getting from the last two companies' enough for me to save money, and have something to spend for the month's celebrations. 


Also happy to have a tablet I can definitely use for my work tasks and meetings, thanks brother! Also got an extra phone I haven't used yet. Thinking of getting an iPhone 5, but would probably disregard that thought in 3, 2... 1. 

Thanks for the other presents too, especially the non-tangible ones. Aaaw!


The last but the most important reason why this season's a bang? It's because you get to share the whole year's blessings with others. Pay it forward.

outreach at golden acres #old #green #charity #corporate (taken with Instagram)
I am very privilege to be part of the charity / outreach Christmas party we spent at Golden Acres. The grandma assigned to me is deaf so I had a hard time communicating with her, but if I have to do it all over again, I will still choose her. I think the difficulty in hearing made me communicate with her in a much deeper level, using the heart. I got to feed her and bring her back to her room, it was special. 

gift buying! Pahabol gifts that is :) #holiday #gifts #happiness #instadaily (taken with Instagram)
gave my xmas gifts for everyone last night. better late than waley :) #gifts #holiday #newyear #blessed #family #happiness (taken with Instagram)
Was also ecstatic when I shopped for gifts, especially those for the whole family! As in the whole residence family, where there are 3 families with 3 different houses sharing the same address. Of course my priority goes to my nieces, and mama. Yup girls first haha. I definitely enjoyed shopping for candy colored shoes and dresses for the kids, and cooking stuff for mother dear. Had fun exploring the home and kitchen depot of the malls, looking for a good buy for the room of my eldest brother and the new pad of the middle. 

With the 3-day shopping installment, I can't remember now how many gifts were wrapped. One thing's for sure though, all money spent is worth it! Just so glad to see the reaction of my family, and the others too.

Mama opening my gift last night :) #mama #holiday #newyear #gift #instadaily #family (taken with Instagram)
Shopping is definitely a lot more rewarding when it's for gift giving. So do try it, and leave something for me =P

Not in the list, because I don't want to limit it for only this year's wonderful reasons, are the people who I spent the holiday with. It's automatic anyway, because non-material things will always be the number one reason to be happy for the most wonderful time of the year! 

Monday, December 17, 2012


Color coded :D #haircolor #darkblonde #blackhairnext #instadaily #nofilter
Decided to color my hair after getting bored with it, though hair coloring isn't really a new thing for me as I have been doing this for years already. I used to go to the salon for their hair color services, but eventually settled for do-it-yourself hair coloring when I discovered I could ultimately save more money from it.

But of course, you might want to consider what hair coloring type and brand you would want to use at home. I've tried different brands already, and realizing how many colors I've tried on my hair too, I visited my FB Profile Picture album and posted some of the shades I've had already.

Let me share 5 hair coloring type and brands I have tried, and some of which I could recommend to you, whether you have the budget or not. But trust me, just learn or find someone who knows how to dye hair, and you won't have to spend so much anymore.




This is probably the most prominent name in terms of powder hair color among us Filipinos. Bigen is most popular for those who need to cover their grey hair every so often. Well Bigen after all is more for 100% grey coverage and to enhance natural hair color. The good thing about it is that it doesn't contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Although unlike color cream, powder hair color like Bigen needs water as mixture, which may affect the coloring's consistency if water level's not acquired properly.

I would only suggest this if you want to cover grey areas, or would just need a little retouch for your dark hair. The stain of powder hair dye's a little messy to remove on the skin too when dried. Although from a cheap price of P55, a quick touch-up is fair enough.

how to use: CLICK HERE


Etude House

asked my friend Cara to take a photo of her newly dyed hair from Bubble
This Korean brand is not just famous now because of their cosmetic products, but also for their other type of hair coloring. Unlike the usual way of hair dye here in the Philippines, where we need a brush, clip and patience on sectioning the hair to have it colored, Etude House Bubble Hair Color would just need you to pump those bubbles and massage it to your hair like your ordinary shampoo experience! The color's limited compared to other cream based hair coloring though. I am also not too comfortable with the massage way of doing it since my hair's thick so I'm not sure whether all parts are covered.

It is sold at a good price of P350, it is easier to use, and the conditioner smells goody good too!

how to use: CLICK HERE


Creme hair color is my most preferred and recommended among the three. The creme hair color would also include the oxidizing lotion. It's the white liquid mixed with the cream to give its level of vibrance and lightness. The recommended amount for oxidizer is just 12%, or make it higher to achieve a lighter hair color.

HBC / Hortaleza


This is probably my most used type and brand of hair coloring. One of their warehouse used to be just behind our house so buying products from them became very convenient for me. You can also go to your nearest HBC branches and have their people assist you with the best hair color that suits you. They can show you their wide selection of hair color to choose from.

One box of color creme is affordably just P75-90, while the oxidizing lotion is just P40. Want to hear the best part? Some HBC branches, like the one in Metrowalk, Starmall, Landmark (as per announcement) offer free applications for every P300 purchase of their hair coloring products (including conditioner). I have tried it before and was so happy to have my hair colored by professional in less than a thousand bucks!

Garnier - Nutrisse

The edge of Garnier Nutrisse's line of hair color? It is their fruit oil enriched components! It is enriched with grape seed oil and twice as much avocado oil compared to other brands. Garnier Nutrisse also smells good and like any other good conditioner, expect a soft, shiny hair after color application.

You can color and give your hair a healthy new look for just P320-420, depending on the Garnier Nutrisse Hair color you're interested in.


I battled between Revlon and L'oreal, and decided to go to the expert for hair care... L'oreal! Don't get me wrong, Revlon is also good in terms of giving us girls a magnificent crowning glory, but L'oreal won me over long lasting hair color effect. The complete package makes it easy to use and, yes very important to me, the mixture's smell doesn't sting. I also like the conditioner included which you can use for a month or two, to maintain the shine and vibrance of the color.

You can try the L'oreal Hair Color from P350- 600, depending on the type, and choose from their wide array of hair shades as well!

how to use: CLICK HERE

There's the henna type of hair color as well like Color Mate Herbal Henna, although I don't know much about it so I'll leave other reviews do the talking for you guys alright?

So there you go! Remember, the effect and sustainability of these hair colors will still depend on your hair type, hair color, and most importantly, how you take care of it after. Colored hair is one step forward to damaged hair, so make sure you know what you're doing if you choose to have a cheaper / do-it-yourself hair coloring experience!