Monday, August 27, 2012


hold me down, sweet and low... #sideponytail #blazer #pinklipstick (Taken with Instagram) 

So my August turned out to be quite fast, lots of changes, and yes, twice long weekends - which made the month a lot faster I guess?

Thank God Habagat's torture finally came to an end. Unfortunately our house became one of the flood's resting place during that time. Again thank You for saving my shoes, bags and clothes haha! The flood inside's only below the knee, something to be very grateful for compared to those whose houses were completely washed out. Cleaning it is another story though, HAGGARD! Kudos by the way to MMDA, and social media. Compared to Ondoy, I must say that this time, we had fewer casualties and quicker rescues!
weekend's binahang-bahay-general-cleaning! gbye rainy season,I hope?:) #pagoda (Taken with Instagram)

Also happy to discover a Victory church near our place, but I would still be attending their Greenhills branch if my extra time would allow it. Oops, I crossed out 'extra' because anything for the Lord shouldn't be considered as a 2nd option :)
Jgh. First time to attend Victory's u-belt branch tonight. A lot near than GH, yay! (Taken with Instagram)

Decided to switch career, and I guess this is one of the major changes this month. I still have clients affiliating with my service, and pending tasks to deliver though. Anyway I'm currently quite anxious with the new, but if I would stick to my plan and priorities, I know I can do it. I just hope pavements won't be too harsh on me :)
bye reports, presentations, figures and troubleshooting. bye qc! #2ndtothelastday #hellonewworld (Taken with Instagram)

This month had 2 long weekends, one is for Ramadan and the other one is Nat'l Heroes Day. It was truly the perfect time to release those stress and experience the sweet escape!<3
sunrise.. long drive.. unwind.. till the next long weekend! #timetofacethebusystreets (Taken with Instagram) 

There are other changes that I would rather not post online :) This is just a quick run down on how my August and its changes went.

Let me use this space as well to say THANK YOU and goodbye to DILG secretary Jesse Robredo. You are one of the very few who showcased good governance. It is very unfortunate that we have to lose the best and languish with the worst. I would be very skeptic with the new DILG secretary, as I am disappointed with the new chief justice - Maria Lourdes Sereno. Seriously? I've heard many 'corruption' stories related to her before! Good luck to that Pnoy!

Each month, each week, each day, each minute, until to each milliseconds is accountable to changes. Be brave enough to cope with it, be wise enough to create it.