Sunday, October 17, 2010


The list of shows I watched tonight is a bit heavy for the soul actually.
The first one, The Final Destination (4) on HBO. I really don’t know why I am such a fan of this gruesome movie, but ever since Devon Sawa started the premonition of deaths, i just became enthusiastic with the plot. Haha. After watching it I decided to switch to Star Movies, and Drag Me To Hell didn’t ended yet. I saw myself laughing at some parts of the film, but the heck, this is one crazy movie!
And lastly, I watched Cheche Lazaro Presents: Dalawang Mukha Ng Hustisya on ABSCBN. A documentary about the Vizconde Massacre. Being a Communication student, documentaries and the like really gets my attention. And this one, i must say, is well done.
Anyway, what really struck me with the show is how it got me to sympathize with Hubert Webb. The primary suspect for the murder case. Investigations for unresolved cases and its mysteries are just some of the stories that I enjoy watching. I can still remember how this murder case became a hoopla in the 90’s. But at that time, my basis for judgment is only what I see in the television, I mean, I don’t have my own speculations, theory and logical explanations for it. The media says its Hubert Webb who has to go to jail, then I have to hate him, just because.
I also remember Jason Webb!! I remembered my friend Cello (she is Ms.Ganda, the one who sang Payong,tagalog version of Umbrella), we were classmates during our freshmen yr. in St.Paul and we would get excited to watch the progress in the Vizconde massacre, bec.I like Jason Webb and she likes Hubert Webb =) I saw Jason again on TV, and just the same, he looks adorable and cute… but of course a lot older.
All the memories I can remember about the Vizconde massacre came back. It’s not like I was involved in it, but I recall, maybe being an aspiring media practitioner as I am, I was very eager to watch all the news related to the case. I remembered hating Hubert Webb. But realizing now… was it really Hubert Webb who should be there in jail for 15 years?
The US Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) certified that Hubert was in the US from March 1991 to October 1992. The Vizconde was murdered at June 30, 1991. There was even a video of him and his relatives playing on the snow with the date 1991 on the lower right corner of the screen. Lastly Hubert also requested for a semen sample of Carmela Vizconde if it would match his, since Carmela was raped before being murdered. After 13 years since Hubert requested for it, the Supreme Court finally agreed. The NBI, however, informed the Supreme Court that it no longer has the specimen and other laboratory reports, photographs and documentary evidence related to the case because it turned these over to the Para├▒aque RTC in 1996.
The family is very hopeful that the DNA test will be there salvation since if the Supreme Court couldn’t show the said specimen, the chances of Hubert to be released is higher.
Don’t get me wrong though, I also sympathize for Lauro Vizconde, the father of the family. How can I not be, he lost his wife and children while he is in the US. This is his fight. But then again, how can he still say that the justice system is unfair and that those with money and power are the ones who always win, when the accused Hubert Webb has been in jail for an agonizing 15 years.
I apologize for having a biased opinion, but I just based this primarily on evidences. What is Jessica Alfaro’s inconsistent statements against a certification that the accused is abroad the day the incident happened and that the accused is brave enough to challenge the court for a DNA test. I don’t know how I never considered these factors way back. Maybe because I am not that critical yet. Or maybe because Mara Clara influenced me that the underdog is ALWAYS right. I really don’t know, but so far, I am convinced that it’s not Hubert Webb.
I just hope that Lauro Vizconde would not be naive to consider all factors. I mean, would he rather have no suspect or accusing a wrong one? Whatever it is, the truth will always prevail, I believe on that. It will… in time… hopefully soon. 

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Anak? Bawal makipag-sex. Bata ka pa! Baka mabuntis ka.
ANAK: Bawal bawal ka diyan! And so what kung bata pa ako? Makikipag-sex ako kung gusto ko no. May condom naman. So hindi parin ako mabubuntis. Ang sarap kaya! Try mo!

- from tumblr.

benta yung joke!!

pero yung point? di ren.. matagal na po may condoms, langgam lang ang may di alam nun. matagal naren sinasabing one way to prevent unexpected pregnancy is to use condoms. so why blame RH bill? dahil ibibigay sya ng libre ng ilan at dahil madali na syang makukuha/mabibili? then what makes you? a freeloader? gumamit ka lang nun kase libre? ano ka purita? tsaka, matagal nang madali makabili ng condoms, sa dinami-dami ba namang nagkalat na Ministop noh!

admit it, most couple use the withdrawal/ calendar method, sabay tanong: 'sure ka nilabas mo?'.. BOOM, 9 months after.. 'feeling ko di mo nga nalabas' haha! c'mon c'mon, PATI BA GOBYERNO MAMIMILI PARA SA INYO? IT'S YOUR CHOICE, IF U WANNA GET PREGNANT, DO SO, GOOD LUCK SAYO, AS IN GOOD LUCK! =D