Wednesday, November 21, 2007

SPICE GIRLS' VIDEO COMEBACK - Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)

they look a lot different now!!!

i know some of you just don't care anymore...

but i dunno, it's part of my childhood memoirs so it still somehow excites me to see them singing together again while doing those same old cheesy antics we used to see on tv…

only this time, im not the little girl anymore who is contented with the eye candy album they sold for SPICE WORLD which has a metallic color for each side of the tape (I remembered having the green one) =)

somehow, I did find them silly… I cant appreciate these girl groups as much as I adored them before. I want the band, I want the solo rnb artist, I want the rock star… and I believe Spice Girls isn’t one of them. Aaaw, honestly I felt nostalgic when I saw this video on tv, it’s like… am I that old??? Look at how they evolved… how Emma B. (baby spice) doesn’t seem to fit her name anymore? And how Victoria B. (posh spice) looks scarier now than Mel B. (scary spice)? And how Geri H. (ginger spice) became as sporty looking as Mel C. (sporty spice)?

Tsk2, I hope the young girls today can have their own experience of Spice Girls, their own share of Backstreet Boys moments… something that they could call their own. I mean, we adults may be disgusted by them… but these kids wouldn’t care as much as we didn’t care when we are of their age.

Come to think of it… they did have their own set of idols for their generation: PARIS HILTON, LINDSAY LOHAN, BRITNEY SPEARS…

Um… wait… hmm… I guess I’d probably settle for Spice Girls… or Hillary Duff maybe? =P

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


my morning won't be complete without listening to Magic's "Good Times With Mo".

to familiarize some of you... this is the show where the "Forbidden Questions W/ Mo Twister" all started. The scandalous show which features celebrities and their unexpected answers to mo twister's "forbidden" questions.

but this radio program is more than that. My mornings are more entertaining just by listening to the 3 dj's (mo,andi and mojo) antics, most especially to mojo and mo's contradicting opinions which eventually ends up to be a source of debate for the both of them. The games too are equally fun to listen to, and they give prizes as easy as one, two, three. Some of the callers though are so annoying, but most of them are ridiculous!

and of course the crazy lines are hilarious as well! Whenever they have a male caller with a nice voice, a "CUTE BOY...ALERT! ALERT MGA TITA..." message will suddenly be played. The "HOW BIG IS YOUR WANG" question is a popular one too, haha!

you should hear mo twister speak, his opinions and point of views are downright shrewdly correct. He even has a theory that couples who are only 18yrs.old and below should not stay in a long term relationship... coz it's bullshit! I agree somehow =)

good times with mo is every 7-9am mondays to fridays... forbidden questions on wednesdays... this is intelligent radio.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Yes, Pacey of Dawson's Creek will be appearing in Grey's Anatomy.

He will play one hot doc beginning with this season’s 11th episode. This is Jackson’s return to episodic TV since the end of Dawson’s Creek (2003).

I wonder, they have a McDreamy, McSteamy, what will they call Joshua?

...hmm McPacey?! hehe!
i so love the doctors of grey's anatomy...including the vet (chris o'donnell) of course.hehe.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007




Saturday, October 6, 2007


I was supposed to say hi to you; yes I was supposed to approach you. I was with my girl friends, and you we’re all alone. In the right corner of my eye I noticed a cute guy walking across the coffee shop. We we’re headed there too, but my friends decided to check the movie schedules first. It was you, I knew it was you. We finally then went to the coffee shop after… and you weren’t there anymore?

After burning our lungs out and drowning ourselves with caffeine, we then went to the movie house. The movie was good, the people at the back were earsplitting (especially there god damn phones), and I am not in the mood for anything that my other friends seems to enjoy doing. There was something about that guy I saw a while ago that haunts my every step in the mall. After the movie, we continued our shopping journey (and I ended up buying a 5 inch high Havaianas, haha). As we we’re about to go out the mall… I saw him! The one I saw headed to the coffee shop… it’s him again, this time standing outside a restaurant!

I can’t help but stare at him; it’s as if I haven’t seen him for ages. He looked my way, we we’re analyzing each others’ faces… maybe to make sure that we we’re gazing at the right person. I was correct then, he was my past lover. I never thought I’d see him that soon. Along with those stares are questions on how he has been after we’ve parted ways. I was happy to see him alone honestly, looks like we weren’t on the same track in the recovery chase… that’s what I’ve concluded to myself. I mean I had a boyfriend after him, his best friend said he hasn’t even courted anyone yet.

As soon as we got each other’s attention, I stepped forward and forward (almost half across him)… and then of course, my friend interrupted the moment: shouted, grabbed my hand, and showed a text message from her crush! Like, duh?? After reading the message and giving a plastic smile and supportive comment, I then went to where my ex was.

He didn’t saw me this time, something probably caught his attention. But to my dismay, it’s not something… but someone. He went in the restaurant and approached this beautiful lady, like a couple dying to meet again… like what I felt when I saw him. I was stuck up for some seconds. That joy on his face, that walk full of nervousness and confidence combined… that excitement, everything was so familiar! My friends had no idea that I was in the middle of the mall staring at a guy I care about so dearly, watching him listen eagerly to the girl beside him. Hard to admit, they make a good couple. I turned my back, walked away, and finally went off the mall. My friends asked me what happened… I just smiled and said nothing. I was obviously wrong, maybe we’re on the same track in the recovery chase. Or maybe the girl his with is just a friend, nothing more than that. But whatever she is to him, I think my last resort is to be happy, I had my own share of new relationship… it’s his turn now. Sometimes befriending your pasts isn’t as easy as it sounds like, it takes a lot of courage actually. He was the one who doesn’t like the idea in the first place, so I was a bit surprised to see him accommodate my smile. But these pasts of yours are the people you once shared your heart with. These are the characters in your life that at one point we’re considered your prince and princesses. But unlike the fairy tale, the battle doesn’t always have a happy ending. Nevertheless, let’s not close the door for friendship. After mending the broken heart, why not open it for a new purpose, the art of loving someone you’ve loved before… only in a different approach. An ex is synonymous to a ‘former lover’, not to an ‘enemy’. Hurt does lead to anger… but time also lead to forgiveness. You may not forget the pain he gave you, but that is just because you don’t want to forget the love you’ve given. Let’s not dwell in the past, yes, such a cliché… but clichés are clichés for a reason. I mean, why not focus on the future and on the better possibilities of both of you as an individual, than settle yourself on the past and all it’s impossibilities of both of you as a couple!

Hours after leaving the mall, he sent a text message asking me why I didn’t even bother to approach and greet him outside the restaurant, I didn’t reply. But I was supposed to say hi to you, I was supposed to approach you… but someone else caught your attention.

Monday, September 3, 2007


Concerning Chris Anthony Mendez’s death… I would like to express my deepest frustration to the cause of his loss… HAZING!

Let’s stop this nonsense ritual of brotherhood. I have my own friends who are in a fraternity or sorority, but that doesn’t mean that I am 100% on full support to their cluster. I was a bit alarmed when I heard Chris’ death. I imagined him and other previous victims hopeless and at the same time struggling to prove their manhood to this so-called “brothers”. To SIGMA-RHO… don’t show us how a crap you guys can be. Stand up and be MAN ENOUGH to own up to your grave offense! To the doctor of Veteran’s Hospital who happens to be the FATHER of a member of Sigma-Rho Mico Cruz… be ashamed of yourself. You don’t have any right to bring a doctor’s name while tolerating a murder case done by your own son!

I really understand why some people enter such fraternity: it may be for camaraderie, for manhood’s sake, PEER PRESSURE, and basically a school tradition. But UP DILIMAN, lay down an explanation, do something about it… this time I would agree with Senator Miriam Defensor when she said that UP should still do something about their fraternities because we have LAWS concerning hazing. You can be a good school, I wouldn’t deny it… I even have a previous post here concerning my attempt to enter UP, but then is this what these students like Chris have bargained for? A long paddle, a spank at the back, a slap on the lower body, a 50/50 % chance of living in the emergency room, a mother’s CRY FOR JUSTICE, and a student’s goal all TAKEN FOR GRANTED?! I seek my need for a CHANGE, to the schools… please, not all traditions have good outcome. To the students, if you could EXPLAIN to me how a brotherhood is related to murder, then I would salute you all for a job well done. To the parents of fraternity members, let all these be a HORRIBLE WARNING, don’t tolerate, but do communicate. And to the victims of hazing including Lenny Villa (a neophyte of Aquila Legis, a frat in Ateneo) you have my prayers; I HOPE that justice will soon prevail.

A little nod, a soft tap at the back, a clap of support, jamming sessions, cheers of beers and a short game of basketball… that for me is the true essence of brotherhood.

dedicated to a good friend Sebastian Toledo who was taken out of his basketball team because he had his legs fractured due to hazing… and to Poknat too… well, he should know why!tsk2!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


this one made me laugh...

it was sent to me through email a month ago... good thing I saw it again!

we (pinoys) never ran out of ideas do we? haha!



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Friday, July 13, 2007


i borrowed panch's cds of copeland...
i got to borrow 4cds to be exact... i am not familiar with some of the titles though... its lyrics are too good to be your quotable quotes... and the melody? they will even make you sleep when you're heart broken...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Was your kiss too weak? Were your eyes too tight? And much too young to be in love. Much too young to be in love.
- LOVE AFFAIR (copeland)

Sunday, July 1, 2007


I’ll be leaving my school CEU, im gonna transfer in st josephs college this coming school year for reasons which I myself can’t fully elaborate.

It was my mom’s choice, and she convinced me to agree with her. At some point yes I do find reasons to transfer but at the same time, no… why should I change school? My mom said that she’s not satisfied with ceu’s mass communication so I tried UP, yes dear I tried UP. With every bit of valor I showed my grades to their admission and… voila… my grades passed the quota of their Mass Communication major in Film and Audio Visual (ok I was supposed to take up broadcasting but my grades aren’t enough). That was April 25 when we decided to pass a form. April 28 I’m supposed to go back to UP to give the document their asking which is supposed to be signed by our registrar so I have to go to CEU first before UP… but I didn’t make it that day so my mom said to go back at the 29th. UP ADMIN:APRIL 28 IS OUR LAST DAY FOR ADMISSION”… and I guess you all figured it out already. My mom’s last resort then is st joseph or still CEU if I can convince her. But I didn’t.

I had so much hassle getting my requirements in CEU. It was a pain in the neck every single day. I have to go back and forth CEU and manila city hall just to fix my NSO birth certificate (they won’t release my transfer credentials w/o my NSO). Finally when I got my NSO I went to CEU to get my requirements and guess what… they didn’t asked for my NSO, they gave my requirements there and then… b*llshit!!!

And so I got my requirements, had my entrance exam in st joseph and interview afterwards… this is it… I am about to say goodbye to my pink school… aaaw =(

Shox, lots of memories here… U-belt, university environment, fast foods, Legarda station of lrt, and every place that us students can smoke, like in front of San Beda and most esp.the one in front of Mcdo, kuya vendor knows my choice of cigar already,hehe, and manong fishball, also in front of Mcdo, which has the most delicious sauce I’ve ever tasted… id 100% miss these places! My profs, Maam Santonia to be exact, she has always been a friend and prof to me. Maam Neri, Maam Castro and Sir Rongcales will be my other memorable profs as well.

Of course how can I forget my ever dearest SELAMS-mates (SELAMS is the college in CEU for masscom –im a major in broadcasting here-, music, performing arts, journalism, pol.sci.,etc.), the best ever, haha! Some of the craziest people in the world are here… but mind you, they’re crazy and multi-talented at the same time… as what we say - ASTIG SA SELAMS!!!

Speaking of my college mates… I would then have to give credit to my last batch of friends here. Hai, what a year. New faces, new stories… but I never thought they’d mean so much to me. I am guilty of judging them beforehand, they’re immature, boring, KJ, totally not my social group… that’s what I thought. But I later on appreciated my new set of block mates when they comforted me during my disheartening journey after break-up (guys I’m sure you know who I’m talking about… that a**hole!). Man, I couldn’t have survived if it weren’t for these kiddos… and I am sorry for judging you. The whole class transformed into a one big barkada. We were unstoppable. I never thought I would laugh so hard with them. We have also our share of bonding moments outside school, may it be a house of whoever (but it’s Bok’s or Reich’s house most of the time) or to the mall, club or even out of town. I am always delighted to know if we will have a gimmick whatsoever, I’ve always wanted to bring my girl friends to the places I’ve gone to. I don’t need to bring the boys, they know these places for sure already.

I love these girls. They may not know it but I do treasure them. I think I loved the idea of being with the innocents for the first time. I mean like what I said, they weren’t the usual social group I hang out with… but it was a whole new experience. I am so happy witnessing their “first times”, ok dirty minds stop it, I can feel the excitement on their faces whenever they share stories that I myself have experienced way back. It’s nice to be there when they had their first “yosi”, first shot of beer, first night out, first over night, and etc. I also appreciated it when they would trust me with their worries, primarily concerning matters of the heart… and “sex” haha, kiddin’ aside!!! It just feels good to be their acting “ate” and at the same time their “tangang bunso” whenever I would cry over a worthless guy. Yes, ironies of ironies, they were even the one who’d give me tons of advices whenever I would drown in tears bec. of the never ending mistakes I make esp. concerning boys. The time a**hole broke up with me, Karen, Irene, Bok, April and Reich’s concerns were so overwhelming. And to those hundred times that I cried out of martyrdom, everyone else gave their piece of sympathy. Kuya Leriz (im still 2 days younger, hehe) and Quiazon surprisingly became helpful too. Leriz, though not obvious, is truly a shoulder to cry on… such a natural ‘kuya’. Ow, remember when I cried bec. of Maam Jambalos? Garret, Franz and Gif we’re the ones who helped me on my English prob, hehe. Shox, how can I forget… when I had a very big stain on my skirt? It was Cara, Garret and Cielo who helped me get that icky off. Shallow moments, but I don’t know why they were still here in my memory… maybe they are worth keeping. I’ll miss the boys, ok id skip Quiao and Gerard coz we’ve missed them already, hehe. Mark the dream catcher and hopeless romantic… I love your guts, but study at the same time ok? Bok my ‘kalokohan’ buddy, love this kid… he has this joyful aura with him… but girls beware, haha! Borgy… the bodyguard but not really, haha. He became one of the girls last sem, and I admired him for his willingness to reconstruct his priorities after all. Leriz or kuya Leriz, the silent gentleman… he just loves teasing us girls but put him in a serious conversation and he will never disappoint you. What’s best about him is that he is always present in our gimmicks even if he is the only guy among the group. Jairo, the kid at heart… aaaw, I would miss you… damn, you should hear him crack jokes (both intentional and not), he’s a hit! A very good conversationalist too, he’s intelligent, I can sense it… and by the way we both love music. A rich kid but never bragged about it… except for the “WEBCAM”… haha, kiddin’!

The girls, my lil sisters… let me start with mama I or Irene, man she’s a big fan of my jokes! She’s a lady of respect, not just to others but to herself. She transferred last 2nd sem though. She has been a good listener and I thank her for being mature beyond her years… no wonder she’s mama I. If there’s Irene, there’s Karen for sure… the best friend. These 2 are the first few ones to hear my story about…gRr…remember gateway days? Anyway, Karen is more of the tougher side of Irene… if you’re gonna look inside the box. Try to look outside the box, and you’ll discover that she’s less tough. Whatever transition you have gone through this college, believe me… been there, done that. So when I say that there’s something wrong… it’s positive. Boys will never be a basis for anything, may it be for your ego, for recovery or whatsoever, so don’t let your life turn thinking that you should always have someone with you. It has been my state of mind for many years… and look what happened to me? I know you’re wise, you just chose not to be one. My other girl friend is Faith. The girl with spunk… you don’t wanna mess up with her, hehe. Nah, Faith is just more of a “ill do what I wanna do and no one can stop me” type of lady (well maybe her ‘daddy’ is the only one who can stop her though). She grew up witnessing the real side of danger, she embraces danger, but she has her own fears too. She laughs at things as though problems are not supposed to be problems, but she cries at things when she discovers that all shit happens to teach us a lesson. I will put my trust in her that she will change, that she’ll be more responsible and mature enough to set her priorities. Another girl but not my lil sister is Cielo… hehe, she’s older than me that’s why (oops, need I not mention it?). Another kid at heart, think about this… she has the spirit of a kid… and the wisdom of a woman. I never expected that she will be a good friend of mine, but guess what… she did. A lady with principles, and is lucky enough to have a very very intelligent boyfriend…Chi… the couple who stood by the years. I admire Cielo for the patience and loyalty (ok, should I erase loyalty here?hehe) she has given for their relationship. Hope I’m still invited for the wedding. Next on my list is Giffany… aaw… I used to hate her, but just because she was misunderstood by many and my biggest apology for being one of them. You know what I like about this dubai girl? It’s her urge for experience, she doesn’t mind discovering new things may it be dangerous or not. I will agree with her when she said that she’s not a quitter. She also stands up for her principles, some may not understand but she doesn’t care, she will speak for herself and for what she thinks is proper. A very intelligent lady yet still has time to enjoy life (speaking of enjoy… wait till you hear her laugh). I’m looking forward though to see you experience the crazy slice of life… and I know you will… just like what I said, she’s eager for experience. My other lil sister is Jojo, she is little but she is of the same age as me, hehe. You may mistaken her as a kid lesbian because on how she moves and speak. She’s very real and humble, that’s one thing I like about her. I remember how we used to share stories whenever we go home together. A soft spoken person, she has a voice of a lady which would invite you more to listen to her. She unintentionally made me laugh many times already because believe me, she can be a lil crazy at times. She is charming, her charm and innocence exudes in her personality which makes us love her more. But I hope next time, you’ll be more focused on your studies. You can be intelligent if you just push yourself to be one. Concerning about matters of the heart, I am glad that you have learned your lesson… and also, never ever put hatred in your heart. You have a pure heart and I hope you’ll always go for a guy who will respect you coz you are worth the respect. Continue the big faith that you have for the Lord, your compassion for your relative esp. your nieces / nephews, and your charm which brightens up your friends’ day. Another ‘old’ friend of mine (hehe) is April. I actually don’t wanna leave this girl (but sorry if I did) coz she always put a lot of baggage in her mind before she can even take a step out of her comfort zone. I thought before that she can be my ‘ate’ in school, but it became the opposite, hehe. A woman of what ifs, she has so many questions which I believe she can answer… she’s just quite scared to try. A woman dedicated to the Lord too, I know that it’s not yet late to open the other side of you. Familiar with the saying “sing like no one’s listening, dance like no one’s watching and love like you’ve never love before”? I am not sure with the exact statement but bottom line is: don’t hesitate to take chances. But it takes time and I do understand if you are like that but if ever you have something that’s bothering you, never and I mean never ever hesitate to talk to me. I may be on different school, but I’ll still make sure that I witness the time you’ll finally meet your knight and shining armor. Next up is Cara. Ow this girl is another unexpected close friend of mine. Thanks to 2nd sem, I have discovered that I have a friend who understands my standard of people, of places, of attitude, etc. Surprisingly Cara, you’re one of the people I can consider my gimmick friend (well compared to our other girlfriends). This girl is game, maybe influenced by her “Dominicanas” (weh, I remembered oh)! She is a math genius, a clever walking skeleton… with tons of humility… ow yeah cara, humility! I love this girl, I dunno I just enjoy telling stories to her coz she knows how to listen, and gives wonderful comments, haha! In return, I do appreciate listening to her share of adolescence experiences, kiddin’aside. She is mature in her own way, she tries to be patient and understand things coz I believe she’s a type of person who’ll never waste her time arguing about senseless stuffs. I am thankful that we have opened our doors for a closer relationship. Cara, just take it slowly and I am proud of you by the way coz you know how you were brought up and you stick to what your limitations are. My new literal lil sister is Arleyn, I only met her last sem (2nd sem)… and I have no idea how we became close! One thing ill never forget about this girl is the time when she said yes to accompany me in a”shole’s place to give a gift. I remember that we’re not that close yet but still you are eager enough to accompany me there… such a sweet thing. One thing I’ll also remember about her is that she’s my ENG.11 partner, haha! We shared an unexpected friendship… and I am thankful because you have treasured it same as mine. I want you to study hard ok, I want you to aim more than just passing the subject. As much as possible, never put Ryan on top of your list and I don’t need to explain why. Again, there are more impt. things than boys, be careful too… you’re still young (hope you got what I mean). Be more understanding too, don’t be too sensitive on stuffs. Sometimes words can really ruin someone’s mood, but don’t let it. There are times when I’ll look at you as a mature lady, but sometimes it’s the opposite… don’t worry, I’m still loving the laughter ‘ngangabu’,haha! Of course how can I not mention my original little sister - Rechelle. A very bubbly person, you’ll most likely notice her because of her cute physique and humorous antics. Our version of Rufa Mae Quinto… but Rechelle has a bigger bust (haha). I didn’t expect to discover her deeper side, that this amiable friend of ours is also a lady of worries and sadness. At first I didn’t know how to react on her frankness and jest but then eventually I got the hang of it. I am not surprised that she became one of my closest and dearest friend coz we both love to “observe” people and make “nice” comments about them. “Reich maghanap ka ng ayaw mag-polka dots!”, damn I miss laughing with you! I am also grateful for considering me as one of your confidante, I hope I didn’t disappoint you as your bigger sister (weh, I AM NOT BIG..argh, hehe). You know what I am proud of you for being responsible and obedient. I should be ashamed your age you are able to respect your parents’ decisions. I know that sometimes our parents can be a big pain in the ass, but you are brave I know you are… you can even still make others laugh despite your personal dilemmas. You just cry if you have to, you’ll still look pretty don’t worry. I also hope that you’ll see the guy of whom you can be proud of. It’s funny for me to say this but I hope when you finally fall in love again, you would accept him wholeheartedly. I hope you’ll be more understanding to not put your pride in front of the line. Don’t always prioritize what’s on your mind… coz the heart can change a million things. Stay sweet always, I love your sweetness reich, I appreciated every concern and comfort you have showered me… you have always understood my weaknesses. Almost last on my list is Garet. It’s very false to say that first impressions last coz in her case… it didn’t. The quiet and timid girl turned out to be the girl with ambition and confidence. She is more of an older sister to me that me to her, hehe. One of my dearest treasures, Garet was a very trustworthy, reliable and patient friend to me. I think our closeness started during M. Butterfly practices, she was even kind enough to lend me a costume. Generous, that’s one thing that I will never forget about her. Whatever she has, she didn’t brag about it. Whatever she can contribute, she would voluntarily give it without expecting something in return. An intelligent lady too, she is responsible as a leader and thoughtful as a friend. I am really not a fan of morena or dark skinned girls but I have always found her beautiful, I did even convinced her to join Mr.&Ms.CEU. She is very ambitious, she has a dream and I believe that gradually… you can achieve it. My biggest apology again for telling you straight that I don’t think you can be a good director, me and my big mouth! But guess what, I didn’t discourage you… my words didn’t stop her, instead she had proven to me that she’s better that what I think. There are more criticisms on the way Garet and I am confident enough that my friend here can handle it. I am proud of you because you too became an obedient daughter to your parents. You know what, if it weren’t for their “guardia cibil” discipline I don’t think you’d be as good as what you are now. I miss the LRT bondings the two of us share before going home. Both of us would just talk about anything under the sun (oops, it’s kinda late that time so under the moon..haha). We would also of course talk about love, and I am thrilled to hear the time when you’ll share a new love story to me. She may have a little experience about relationships, but she didn’t fail me when I needed someone to help me when my own heart is broken. I am proud of you for passing UP, it’s a big world out there, it’s gonna be tough at times… but I know you can face the challenges. A big thank you Garet for all the support, concern and stories you have shared. Go pursue the theatre and show them what you got! Last on my list is another sister of mine… Karlo! Yeah right Karlo, dream on! Nah, just joking you… he’s the gay I love to hate. The moment I knew he’s gay, I already sensed that we would click because gays never fail to be one of my closest friends. Somehow this gay is different; he’s not so gay to function… haha! I love to pinpoint his every mishap because he gets mad instead of just listening to me and changing it. But mind you he is creative in his own way. He’s not really good academically but he excels in graphics, technology and media oriented tasks. Surprisingly he has many dreams too; sometimes he just tends to put his self down. Quite sensitive as you may say, he will consider your concern as an insult. But Karlo being sensitive won’t help you be strong, always remember that a friend will always put you up and make you better. If they tolerate you and even join you on your own foolishness, then start thinking if they are worth the friendship. I am happy that you are not ashamed about your real identity. I also understand if sometimes or most of the times you don’t understand your family, but you know what, you are absolutely lucky. I hope you can still remember all the things I have told you regarding how you should respect the elders in your house. College became a chance for you to get out and feel free (not exactly be free) but still be very careful. Just like in an amusement park, the more fun a ride is… the more dangerous it should be. You are too eager to discover the real world even if you know that you’re not too ready yet. Same on falling in love, take it slowly okay? I never ever wanna find out that you are enduring a gold digger or that you are being used by who ever. I have always thought you are wiser than that so better prove it to me okay? Thank you by the way for simply listening to my never ending stories, you always make me laugh whenever you can predict the lines that I’m about to say. Somehow you knew me to well. I am sorry if we clash at times, your attitude is just so alarming, you prefer to be narrow minded and immature even if I know you are better than that. It’s sad that we ended the school year fighting. I did miss the closeness we had but maybe we really have strong personalities that we need some space to cool down. Honestly I’m quite anxious that you will not find a friend in your new school who will be patient enough to warn you when you are already stepping outside the line. Look for someone who will whisper thoughts of wisdom that you should understand over and over again. Just remember all the advices I and the rest have repetitively said to you. Study HARDER too, FOCUS on your lectures, IMPROVE your writing… oops, never mind the last one. I am still here if you need a gimmick buddy, a drinking partner and a certified critic… I’m always present.

I will miss my CEU family, I will my friends. Thank you for making me understand, for making me patient too and for making last school year a whole new experience for me. I will always be here for you guys… just a little bit late as usual. I am sorry for transferring school… I hope I can still be your option for advice. Hope to hear everyone’s laughter again. Someday let’s admit it, we will somehow forget each other, I do have my new set of friends now, but one thing that will always put me back to the time I met you guys is the memory that at one point in my life I have helped and have been helped by people I didn’t expect to be my treasured friends in the end. Hope that somehow I have changed and / or thought you something… because altogether, you did thought me too. That is to not base friendship with the age, the trip or whatever status they have. Lastly, you guys made me realize and I hope all girls should realize this too… a woman without a friend is worse than a woman without his man!

Echos, landi ng nobela coh noh?? Haha….. “BITCH!” <- bat ganon di coh sya madalas masabe sa suporta nga naman ng ceu sa “bitch” oh =P

PS: sorry for the wrong grammar if any, hehe…. I started writing this piece 2 weeks ago, just became busy that’s why I finished it just now… LOVE YOU ALL…!!!