Tuesday, November 6, 2007


my morning won't be complete without listening to Magic's "Good Times With Mo".

to familiarize some of you... this is the show where the "Forbidden Questions W/ Mo Twister" all started. The scandalous show which features celebrities and their unexpected answers to mo twister's "forbidden" questions.

but this radio program is more than that. My mornings are more entertaining just by listening to the 3 dj's (mo,andi and mojo) antics, most especially to mojo and mo's contradicting opinions which eventually ends up to be a source of debate for the both of them. The games too are equally fun to listen to, and they give prizes as easy as one, two, three. Some of the callers though are so annoying, but most of them are ridiculous!

and of course the crazy lines are hilarious as well! Whenever they have a male caller with a nice voice, a "CUTE BOY...ALERT! ALERT MGA TITA..." message will suddenly be played. The "HOW BIG IS YOUR WANG" question is a popular one too, haha!

you should hear mo twister speak, his opinions and point of views are downright shrewdly correct. He even has a theory that couples who are only 18yrs.old and below should not stay in a long term relationship... coz it's bullshit! I agree somehow =)

good times with mo is every 7-9am mondays to fridays... forbidden questions on wednesdays... this is intelligent radio.

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