Sunday, June 21, 2009


Am I an h1n1 carrier? I am on self quarantine as I write… I’m yet to know if I’m positive. Last night my temperature was 39.5! Whew! Man I’m HOT!

I started feeling sick last Thursday, attended a house party that night then went home the morning after. I stayed at home the whole day Friday, felt heavy, well not literally. I thought it is just a hangover, though I didn’t drank too much.

Then Saturday when I woke up, wow I felt cold, dizzy, my temperature' s high, ow yeah… I AM SICK!

I wore mask the whole day, my temperature went higher. Cough and flu were more evident today, but the temperature’s a bit lower now. My mom said last Saturday that they will still observe me before going to the hospital, and I hope I am doing better. I don’t want to eat the same meal again!

noodles and juice forever

Oh well, I am a responsible HOT lady anyway, I make sure not to cough or sneeze on anyone here at home, just in case I am carrying the annoying virus. I hate being sick, I can’t go out, I wasn’t even able to answer Jarred’s call =(, or entertain Shayne and Chat’s visit here, I can’t taste the food I’m eating, and the worst part… I miss having a good good shower! I stink!

Well, good thing I can use the net now, I really hope this is nothing; the h1n1 fever is making us all paranoid, darn.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


I attended SHARKBAIT MEDIA SOLUTIONS’ “DOTS ENTERTAINMENT” (a talk on digital art) last May at Cyberzone One Ecom Center. And I just wanna share how relieving that talk was for me, I mean wow, we Filipinos are good!

I am supposed to come with our photographer chicboy Mackoy, but sudden events happened at work so I came to the event by myself (no documentations whatsoever, hai Mackoy hehe). Nevertheless being alone made me focus on the talk further, and yes I am sitting in front, NERD haha.

There are 3 speakers on the said event, they’re all cool and I can smell the creativity on each of them:

Joel Chua of PIXEL PINTURA: He demonstrated a few of Pixel Pintura’s Digital Coloring & Painting tips and tricks. He jokes once in a while and he’s pretty good with brushes.

He colored this one live on his laptop with the photoshop brushes.

He also did another illustration with the use of photoshop pencil and brushes, while giving some tips on how to make your life easier on adobe photoshop.

I like Joel Chua’s willingness to share his knowledge to young and aspiring artists. He actually gives FREE 30-minute assessment and demo session, just schedule it with him.

From "Hello. I have been teaching and developing the Pixel Pintura Workshops since 2002. I have been doing digital coloring & painting since 1999, particularly for work in comics, children's books, animation, games, and advertising. During these workshops my hope is that you benefit directly from that experience whatever you intend to do with the skills you will learn.” – Joel Chua

Do try it… it’ll be cool =D

Rommel Celespara of WACOM PHIL.: He showed us the products of Wacom that is very useful for graphic artists. He talked about the products with humor (he’s quite funny actually) and credibility that we actually forgot… um… how expensive those are, hehe!

One of the products that I got interested on is the Bamboo Fun Tablet.

The way I see it, it’s like shifting from a keypad phone to a touch screen! =) You won’t have to use a mouse anymore; the stylus pen is your best friend. Especially for those who edit for hours, man your right hand is sure to hurt right? This is good for photo editing, digital paint, draw & sketch, and handwriting.

Rommel also showed us some of his works, with the use of Wacom Bamboo Fun of course, and wow he’s good! I like how he showcased his personality through his works, and how he defended digital art without the expense of discouraging us on traditional art.

Benedict Carandang and Che Bello of TULDOK ANIMATION Studios Inc: This is my fave! They talked about how their non-stock non profit organization started and showed us their masterpiece ‘Libingan’, plus a teaser on their new project ‘Pasintabi’.

I was really inspired by this group. You know what, they told us that they don’t have an office, they just meet on fast food restaurants for brain storming, conceptualization, etc. Tuldok Animation consists of young and eager artists who are willing to expand and promote Filipinos’ skills and creativity.

I am happy that they’re supported by NCCA (National Commission for Culture & the Arts), the government supports young and aspiring artists like them, very eager to uplift the countries’ potentials on animation.

Tuldok Animation is also encouraging us to join (yes if you can be a voice talent, or an animator or musician, why not audition!) and support them as well.

All in all I realized that we do have a say on digital art (digital animation, digital painting, graphic designs, etc.), and though there have been debates between digital art and traditional art, I guess what’s important is how you were able to pursue your dreams.

Lastly, i realized on this talk that there are so MANY skilled artists out there that are STILL willing to share their knowledge and talent to dreamers like me, and like you...

besides, passion without inspiration is nothing, thus thank you for inspiring me =D