Friday, December 31, 2010


Let's see if I'll be able to write a new year blog entry. In the meantime let me post these photos instead =)


Thursday, December 30, 2010


I was able to watch Regine Velasquez and Ogie Alcasid’s wedding special entitled “A Duet to Forever” on GMA7 last Sunday night. I really looked forward for it since it’s the wedding of two of the most prominent singers in the country!

But what I really got excited with is the time where in they would have to say their wedding vows to each other. I mean, wedding vows, these are composed of words coming from the bride and the groom… coming from their hearts. Those aren’t dictated by the priest, those aren’t read on the bible, those are words that they wrote themselves, and with that you would be able to feel just how much love they have with each other. And with Regine’s vow, no doubt about it, she knows exactly how lucky she is.

I saw myself drowning in tears as I continue watching the wedding vow part, damn, I was literally laughing at myself. My mom is with me in the living room, but she is sleeping. Lights are closed, I am hugging a throw pillow, and then “sniff… sniff”, my gawd, I can’t stop crying! I was even checking my mom every once in a while to see if she’s looking at me. But you know what, I am grateful that I only got to watch it on TV, with only myself to notice me. Coz much to my dismay, I ALWAYS CRY ON WEDDINGS. Let me describe it in Filipino… ‘walang palya!’, haha! Yeah I can’t remember a wedding I attended where in I didn’t drop a tear or two.

I was able to coordinate 3 weddings already, I am not the organizer for the whole event but I am part of the team, and just imagine a coordinator, someone who is supposed to walk from every corner of the room to check if everything’s okay, will suddenly stop… stare at the couple… smile, and then whoala, cry. And when reception comes, if the onsite video happens to have an oh so dramatic music, again, I would cry. Tsk weddings, why you wanna make me cry huh? Haha!

I don’t cry sad tears, I don’t envy couples, I don’t pity myself. I cry because weddings, for me, are moments of hope. And if I may go back to Regine and Ogie’s wedding, I cried so hard on Regine’s wedding vow because she indeed gave me hope.

Regine Velasquez, as we all know, also shared a roller coaster love life. She was even caught between the regine-ariel rivera-gelli de belen triangle. We would often see her sing, sometimes get to watch her on film, or star in tv shows, but we would also sometimes wonder… when the hell will she get married, she’s getting old! I remembered asking that couple of years ago, I mean she’s like Mariah Carey (again? haha), divas who almost forgot that you cannot actually marry musical notes. Well of course not until Nick Cannon showed up at Mariah’s doorstep. And Ogie Alcasid, well, their musical notes touched each other’s lives =)

Regine was tagged as a stealer when she and Gelli de Belen had a conflict because of Ariel Rivera. And then some people judged her negatively once again when they knew about her and Ogie’s relationship, since Ogie was popularly known to be the husband of Michelle Van Eimeren. It wasn’t a smooth journey for Regine on the love department, and the more I saw myself in her. I was claimed as a ‘bf stealer’ too, and just for everyone who can’t relate to this situation, sometimes we too are victims of circumstances.

“Tinanong tayo ni pastor kung bakit tayo magpapakasal, mas madali daw kasi maging single… pero hinde. Nung dumating ka sa buhay ko, pagod na ko… at malungkot na ko.
And then she sang Apo Hiking Society’s ‘Di Ko Malimutan’
“Naging mahirap ang simula natin. May mga pagkakataong sumuko ako, patawad mahal. Hindi ko naman kasi alam na ito pala ang sukli sa lahat ng paghihirap na yun. Mabuti na lang at hindi ka sumuko, maraming salamat.”
“I have never been so happy in all my life, thank you!

Despite all uncertainties, I will still not get tired; I won’t lose hope on love. I will keep on praying that a good relationship will come my way. I would often tell my friends how lucky my future husband is, because I have saved a big space here in my heart to the man I will spend the most number of years with.

If the time comes where in I’ll get tired, or probably lose hope on love already, I know that God reserved a man for me, just in time to make me realize that all this waiting, and praying, they’re all worth it. Regine’s vow made me realize that years may gone by, but one day, someday, the wedding you’ve been imagining will come true. That someday I will be that bride, in front of the Lord, with my friends crying because the girl who used to cry all the time because of the wrong boys she chooses is finally facing her forever.

And just the same, I will still cry… I will cry as I utter my own wedding vow.
I will cry, still cry, because the hopes, dreams, the prayers, and wishes are finally coming true.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

VINDICATED (Hubert Webb Acquitted)

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I woke up to the ear-splitting sound of our telephone ring lunchtime today. My friend called me up to congratulate me because Hubert Webb is finally acquitted. I was surprised and rushed to turn the TV on, and then there he was, on his orange shirt, sitting with the bunch of media men inside the press conference room of the New Bilibid Prisons in Muntinlupa City.

For 10 minutes, I still continued to surf channels and look for other news related to it just to be sure, coz honestly, it was unbelievable. It’s not that I became hopeless or I disagreed with the decision of the Supreme Court, but because the results were really sudden. Even their families aren’t prepared for the good news. But then again, if it’s good news, no matter how abrupt or surprising it is, it is still good news! =D

Just to be clear I am not related to the family at all, like what I’ve written on my previous blog related to Webb, I have always been interested to the case ever since I was 12 or 13 years old

Hubert and 5 others were given the release order at around 4pm. My mom and I watched until past 4, until Hubert finally steps out of the Bilibid prison, get into the car, and drive away to the land of the free (America?) haha! I remembered when Elizabeth Webb (Hubert’s mom) arrived at the conference room, she gave her son a tumbler with water right away for Hubert to drink. And my mom said “Pinainom nya pa si Hubert, naalala pa nya magdala ng water for her son”. It’s a simple gesture, but we find it moving. My mom and I agreed that by just looking at Ms. Elizabeth Webb’s character, you can tell that someone like Hubert couldn’t do such thing. Sometimes a mother’s love, pain and tears can speak a lot on their son’s burden. It’s always the mother who’s there to defend their son, take Hayden Kho and Jason Ivler’s case as examples. Again, just looking at their mothers, you can tell the truth of the matter. But that’s beyond the point. The reality is just so surreal, like I became hopeful on our justice system. I know many would oppose and say otherwise. But I would always be confident that the Webb’s evidences are way credible than the other party. Just to make it clear, I made sure that my opinions are substantiated prior to writing.

Seeing Lauro Vizconde’s break down wasn’t easy of course. If only the people around him helped him to move on and consider the other factors. He had closed his mind that it’s Hubert Webb. He instilled into his beliefs that the justice system is corrupt. For 15 years Hubert is in jail without enough credibility from the other party’s star witness Jessica Alfaro, but still Lauro considered the justice system unfair. For 15 years Hubert has been brave to accept all tests just to prove him innocent, but he was ignored and remained in jail. Still Lauro believe that the Supreme Court only favors those with power, when in fact Hubert being convicted took away all the family’s good reputation already.

Wherever the real suspect / suspects are, I beg you to surrender. It’s hard to accept that Lauro Vizconde will have to start again from step one. That he still has to be hopeful because if he can’t, then who else will lead this fight. That he still has to trust God despite all the uncertainties. That someone that old should still continue to fight for dear life because despite the feud between those who believe on Hubert Webb and those who don’t, in the end, we all want one thing… peace of mind for Lauro Vizconde, and rightful justice for his family. I will pray for you sir Lauro, I am happy for the Supreme Court’s decision, no doubt about it, but despite that I am also saddened thinking that the real culprit is somewhere out there… probably spent the last 15 years being nonchalant about this (just thinking of the worst)… and that sucks.

I got teary eyed on some parts while watching the live feed of Hubert’s release, like I am watching an ending to an ambivalent teleserye. Like there’s a healed paralyzed man you’re excited to tour around, like a comatose patient lost in time, like the pause button finally played again. For 15 years and 4 months, he was in jail for something he has no knowledge of. Buildings, technology, roads, fashion, everything has changed, he doesn’t know how to drive anymore for sure. But after 15 years, one thing remained; it is hope, his family… and the truth. For everyone who commented and judged me wrongly on my previous blog, let’s just hope for the best for Lauro Vizconde. And for those who agreed with me, cheers to us. For Hubert Webb, thank you for being an inspiration. Go ahead and seize the day. Bring back the 15 years lost and shout to the world that you’re free, you’re out and praise the Lord, you are finally vindicated!!

..i just learned today that according to Article 90 of the Revised Penal Code: "crimes punishable by death, reclusion perpetua or reclusion temporal shall prescribe in twenty years." This means that 20 years after the Vizconde Massacre on June 1991, the criminal liability of the people behind it would be extinguished.

Twenty years after... June 2011... the candle of hope and justice is running out of flame, lets move quick, we don't want a teleserye without ending.