Tuesday, November 24, 2009


“Never in the history of journalism have the news media suffered such a heavy loss of life in one day.”

- an international media group said in a statement concerning the Maguindanao massacre that happened on Monday.

(45 bodies of people that include politicians and journalists were abducted in a pre-election related incident.)


Saturday, November 7, 2009


okay im currently hooked up with my new Tumblr page =D

i have always been curious on how this thing works after seeing it on some of the blogs i've reviewed in candymag. I did find it cute right away actually, being an easy access for you to post SOME pictures (large number of pics are not advisable here).

One more thing, I believe Tumblr does fit me since i love to "play" around photoshop and do some creative scribblings as a hobby. See Tumblr is like a place for graphic junkies slash emo slash photo journalists slash coolness (haha). Don't get me wrong though, i believe all of the sites that i am currently signed in to are cool (and that will include you my blogspot Ü),
but these sites have their forte that make them stand out from the rest...

the social media that lets you upload music and at the same time embed them to your other sites. This is for the music lovers in the house (like me of course), i can put my favorite songs in a playlist and share them. This is web's first embeddable music and video playlists.

THE DOWNSIDE: i don't visit my imeem page anymore, the songs are only played for 30secs.argh!

haha, well this used to be the conyo version of friendster 6 years ago. Don't be surprised when foreigners start to add you. You can do so much with myspace, esp.if you like to design your profile layout, they kinda have all the perks to do it. This has also been a site for aspiring musicians bec.they can upload their music or videos and get some fans. Colbie Callait for example, she gained popularity by uploading her music in myspace, and whoala, the rest is history.

THE DOWNSIDE: i will later cancel my account in myspace bec.i don't use it anymore, people from whatever countries just keep on sending me lame messages and inviting me to events i can't obviously attend to bec.I am far away from their places, hello! Myspace lost its popularity in the Philippines even before it became a hit.

need not explain, this site is for the video junkies. Those who like to record themselves or watch other people's creative or stupid juices on the boob tube. If Imeem and Myspace is a place for musician to gain popularity by uploading their music, Youtube can give you the fame by simply uploading your video. Singers like Charice Pempengco, so as Gabe Bondoc, Passion and Jason Dy became popular through Youtube. Aside from these singers, Happy Slip and other cool discoveries in Youtube became hits too! Video blogging (or vlog) became popular and video projects became exciting.

THE DOWNSIDE: if you're not popular in youtube, don't expect people to add you as their friend, just be contented browsing those videos, it's still fun anyway!

Also known as Blogspot. This blog publising system is obviously a place for bloggers, for online journalists. Those who like to blah about stuff, or vent out their emotions through writing, this is exactly your place for comfort. It's quite easy to use, you can also put photos, videos, etc., but like what i have said, they all have their forte, and from the name itself, this is best for bloggers, for writers... like you!

THE DOWNSIDE: most of the time, fellow bloggers are the only one who knows your blogspot, and only those who are interested in blogging would most probably sign in to blogger, so this is not a place for social web encounters in case you're expecting numerous followers / subscribers.

or those who like to edit stuffs in photoshop, this site like what i have mentioned is a good place for design junkies. Cool statements, funny caricatures and awesome shots are posted here. Each posts can be reblog by any tumblr user. Reblog is simply posting someone's post into your tumblr. This is like your media shortcut, you can post text, images, video, links, quotes, and audio on your Tumblelog, a short-form blog. But of course cute designs are still the favorite. You are updated by other people's posts by following them, the more followers you have, the higher your Tumblarity gets! See cute statements in tumblr, and make some of yours too!

THE DOWNSIDE: Tumblrs don't really care much about long journal entries, and that's exactly the purpose of this post, get a blogger instead! Also, some tumblrs post nonsense messages on good designs, is it for tumblarity's sake? i don't know! I hope tumblr would gain popularity though!

whew, this is the bastion for real artists! A place to promote your artworks. Not only can they exhibit them but discuss them as well with fellow geniuses. Digital art, Traditional art, Photography, etc.are categorized here for convenient searching. Ow yeah, you can search cool images here (but consider the credit of course). Not only that, you can search for brushes here, how cool is that! I actually envy those good artists in deviant art, kudos!

THE DOWNSIDE: i really don't know, i don't have a deviant art account, i haven't heard any bad feedback yet as well.

this is a good place for photographer's online portfolio. Multiply is a good site for uploading tons of pictures and organize it in an album. It's also a good place for those who like to pimp their page, those addicted to css codes, i for example had done 6 layouts for my multiply page already. Your music, blogs, events, photos, etc.are well organized with multiply, making it look like your own domain site. That is why many photographers and sellers use this to promote their business.

THE DOWNSIDE: well anonymous viewing is not possible here so stalkers are not welcome, unless its for public viewing. Some also find it complicated to use Multiply, but for me I am still a fan!

well this is basically for those who like to broadcast their whereabouts or be updated by other people's lives.
This is a micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets. Many celebrities use this and I believe they are the ones who are fitted for twitter bec.most probably their lives are sensible enough to follow, esp.if you're a fan. Twitter has been helpful and evident on the recent Ondoy typhoon, indeed this is for broadcasters in the making, making twitter a venue to disseminate information, hopefully relevant ones.

THE DOWNSIDE: Well I don't have twitter and i don't think i will need it at all. But suddenly twitter became a source of many celebrity word wars. Too much update on one's private life is a lil bit dangerous don't you think?

this is because facebook is all about multitasking. I guess some can relate to me that we tend to play our favorite facebook game while checking our friend's recent wall posts, tagging our friend's photos, commenting on someone's hilarious status, answering an irrelevant quiz and finally checking what God wants us to know. There is so much to do with facebook! Pet Society, Texas Holdem Poker, Farmville, etc.are also some of the famous attraction on facebook users (excluding me). Facebook is similar to Myspace although Myspace use HTML / CSS codes while facebook uses plain text. I find facebook easy and simple, esp.on the comment part, typing or liking a post and blabbing it out to all of your facebook friends is easy as 1, 2, 3. So far, Facebook is the most popular among my peers.

THE DOWNSIDE: better update your email notification option if you don't want your inbox to get flooded with updates. The photo tagging can be a lil bit annoying sometimes (c'mon don't intentionally tag your friend's silly moments on cam, insensitive mor*ns!). Lastly, in facebook... everyone's updated, your whole conversation is posted, funny, haha!

consistent, "I will not leave my friendster, damn you all social-network sites!", let's admit it, we are all friendster babies. Before having our facebook, multiply, etc., we did got hooked up with friendster right? Many relationships failed bec.of infidelity discoveries in friendster, many fights revealed on the friendster bulletin, many girls screamed bec.of the sweet testimonial their crush gave them, many boys smiled with the hot chics they added, many assumed and concluded stories on why this person viewed them, many... and I mean many, had their little share of stories with friendster. It was 2003 when I started friendster, and now, using friendster is like social suicide. I don't think I will cancel my friendster account, though I'm not updating it anymore, i just think it's one of my links to the past, esp.those testimonials that somehow reminded you on how you were few years back.

THE DOWNSIDE: Oh well, too many gangsta slash emo slash social climbers slash old men have polluted the site! And sad to say, almost everyone I know uses facebook already.

So many sites to browse right? I wonder what's next year's hit will be... and I wonder who will be forgotten eventually.

Time to sign up... time to cancel some. CHOOSE WHERE YOU BELONG. Post the real you. THIS IS NOT A POPULARITY CONTEST.

PS: i just noticed, most of their logos are on the shade of Blue, coincidence?