Saturday, August 8, 2009


So let me share to you my recent realizations on random things, and since I am here at home, nursing myself from a hangover, why don’t I relate this blog to drinking.

5% ALCOHOL IS STILL ALCOHOL. No matter how little a damage is, still a damage is a damage (and yes I’ve repeated damage thrice in one sentence, ooops, ive said it again, 4x then… haha), but it’s up to you to control it. You know for a fact that when you drink a beer, there’s an alcohol content, 5% alcohol of 1 bottle may be few, but you have consumed 4 bottles, now what gives you? Each of us contain our own alcohol content, our own flaws, don’t deal with people with high alcohol content though, too much of it will only give you the perennial headache. Choose who to trust, remember that alcohol in beers are the ones who gives us the high, it may either make us so happy, or worse, make us damn wasted. Control the alcohol intake; don’t wait until you have to puke it.

WATER IS THE DRUNK’S BEST FRIEND. Since beer dehydrates us, did you know that no matter how much you drink, if you take 3 glasses of water between beers, you won’t get drunk at all? And even if I feel relieve after drinking coffee when I’m drunk, it doesn’t really help. Coffee dehydrates us as well… you would just end up being a wide awake drunk. Just like in life, we all need our water when we’re wasted. We need our friends. I am so happy because I’ve seen who my trusted friends are at those times when I felt so down. And surprisingly I discovered a friend I never thought would be there to check on me. I am very grateful because despite whatever pain I’ve felt, the essence of friendship still remained. I found a new friend, and I’ve surpassed a test of friendship. It is indeed a lifetime friendship, my lifetime water, clear, clean and over flowing =)

WATCH YOUR PACE, NEVER DRINK TOO FAST. Drink as slow as possible, that’s why I prefer to drink with my own bottle than tagay. I always consider drinking sessions as a time to converse, to bond, and to share the most hilarious story to the most senseless experience. It’s not about bragging your capacity to drink, and of course no pressure, don’t rush yourself to finish your beer. Same with my career, fortunately I don’t get pressured by the people around me, my advertising group and thesis mates are cool. My boss is sweet as usual, and clients are over whelming (especially… hahaha!). But I am pressured by time, so little time, so many things to do. Why do I always get stuck up with time?! Ironically I am enjoying all that I am doing, but physically I am drained already. I guess like in beer, I’ll take it slowly, no need to rush things, inhale, exhale, one drink at a time.

EAT BEFORE YOU DRINK. Eat before you drink or eat while drinking. The food will not only help absorb alcohol slowly, but also slow your drinking pitch down. I make sure that I ate before drinking since I’m not the type who eats while drinking; I just don’t like the taste of food and beer altogether. Whew, this is a huge realization last night. I got drunken big time! I am not usually like that, I have my composure and I hate vomiting. I felt helpless last night, no energy to hang on, haha. And yeah I blame it on my diet. I’ve been feeling weak lately, but I’m not on a crash diet just so you know. I eat but my rice intake is ultimately small, like 1/3 of a cup of rice. It has been like that since summer started, and I saw the effect, they really noticed my loss of weight, so I thought, why stop it. But then the level of my activities is not at par with the amount of nutrients I put on my body, and that’s what weakened me. I am jeopardizing my health on vanity, yeah like it’s a new thing on girls right. I will learn then, I’ll eat a little more starting today, I don’t want to get drunk like last night again, hahaha!

NOTHING CAN SOBER YOU UP OTHER THAN TIME. Have a long sleep, you can’t instantly cure hangovers. The only way to sober you up is the alcohol leaving your bloodstream - which your body does naturally through the filters in your body (like your liver). But this requires one thing.... time. Yes indeed time heals everything, no need to rush things, especially when it involves emotions. I’ve realized that for all it’s worth, what matters most are the lessons learned during those ‘dizzy’ times. Sleep for a while, or in life, take a rest, give a prayer, and smile. Everything has its purpose, again don’t rush the answers, I guess reasons for circumstances are only revealed when you are ready to accept it. Coz if you’re not, then you won’t realize its worth. Being sober is a choice, detoxifying is not an easy thing to do, but just let time do its magic, coz genuine intentions will absolutely prevail after all.

So I got drunk on my own alcohol content for some time, I drank it fast, forgot my capacity limit, and puked after. Yet somehow I am okay now because I’ve taken my gallons of water already. Don’t be afraid to get drunk in life sometimes, fall down to your mistakes, vomit unnecessary emotions, walk deliriously on decisions, and get dizzy with the pain. We need alcohol sometime to show the real us, to reflect happiness, or even sadness, but once you get drunk, help yourself be sober.

Hangovers are never easy, but at least you know what to do, when your next bottle gets to you! And for the record, I did miss the water Ü