Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Today, we are saddened by Nora Ephron's death from a 6-year battle on Leukemia. I personally admire her because she's a novelist, journalist, blogger, screenwriter... and to top it all, an Oscar nominated filmmaker! She just owned all my aspirations! 

The books on the picture are my mom's, and they're just some of Nora Ephron's other numerous accomplishments. I am not gonna shove to anyone's face that I liked her for I also like her books, coz I don't. I never read her books. But I like Nora Ephron because she wrote and directed some of the heart touching movies I've seen: You've Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, Bewitched, and Julie&Julia, while she wrote When Harry Met Sally. I can't believe I have seen and liked most of her films. When Harry Met Sally, 1989, is one of my all time fave film! Her works are just too personal to the heart, whether it's about love, magic, or food, it will all swoon you with a hundred "Aaaaw". 

You are one of the testament that being a writer is flexible as it is. Whether on a book, a blog, or a film, writing changes people, touches the innermost oblivious struggle of the soul, and brings joy to whoever understands its purpose. 

May you rest in peace Ms. Nora Ephron, thank you for the ever charming films we would always fall in love with.

Photo taken with Instagram (follow me - faorani) : SHAMELESS PLUG HAHA!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Sudden tagaytay trip from a new found ideal ride (i love SUVs).

Singing ‘We Found Love’ (Rihanna) and ‘Gettin Over You’ (D. Guetta) on the way.

Embracing the cold temperature while drinking cocktail shots.

Visited the ever darling stars and just enjoyed the over looking by pondering on the things that transpired and feeling blessed for the present.

Reached manila 4 hours after.

To complete the weekend: On the next night, gave bouncers a ride (they came from a club and about to transfer to another one) and pretended to be associated with them to get in the place for free… then made some ninja moves to the dj’s booth to give a demo! It was, yet again, a very spontaneous night. Driving, dancing, “acting”, hai, I still choose the ‘chill’ weekends. Haha!

I don’t do clubbing anymore. I love to dance but I don’t like strangers bumping and grinding with me!

But still, both days are a-ok! I couldn’t have done this months ago. I missed having fun without having to worry about someone being mad at me for the activities I’m engaged to.

Weekdays will be quite busy again. So, till the next weekend love :)

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Currently smelling my 'hard earned' two thousand pesos.. Thanks MIAMI for making me win this conference's bet, after 3 years of losing hehe. Not a serious fan of nba, but works for me anyway haha! Next bet, ncaa bball '12 :)

I can say that I am somewhat a basketball fanatic... before. I lost the interest when I started being busy over school and then eventually at work. But UAAP and NCAA's intense spark still manages to tickle me once in a while. I prefer to use the word tickle as their players do play a big part of that interest, lol! I can still remember a very teenybopper post back in 2005: this! I enjoy watching basketball games live, the drumbeats' wild, and the people are crazy! Watching basketball to cheer your significant someone is my favorite, the way you would silently cheer and hope he gets those 3 points, and would loudly shout his name once he does <3

And going back to NCAA, hate to admit it but it looks like I'll be rooting for San Beda Red Lions this season, though I am a forever Letran Knights fan. But since Letran's the host for this year, and San Beda only has 6 players to start, maybe the Knights can bring their way back to the finals. Yes, I choose to disregard San Sebastian Stags as the possible contender. I don't like them. Period! I miss cheering for Mapua Cardinals, gone are the times of kelvin dela pena. Luckily my two fave team in NCAA, SBC Red Lions and CSJL Knights, remain to be two of the popular among the 10 teams. They were also dubbed as the ateneo-la salle of uaap. Being the two schools of good winning stats and rich ncaa history. Again, let's all be oblivious with SSC Stags alright? I saw Calvin Abueva in person, from last year's finals, and that gave me more reason not to like the team, lol peace :) I am curious with the newer teams from: EAC, Arellano & Lyceum, will they be just another ncaa basketball team or will they surpass the glory days of Beda, Baste, and Letran? I highly doubt it, but who knows. 

The NCAA would be covered by TV5's sports channel AKTV on IBC 13 starting this season. I have to get used to it after their decade-old partnership with Studio 23. Today's the start of the ncaa basketball games with Letran vs. San Sebastian at 5pm and JRU vs. Mapua at 7pm. Tomorrow, Beda with only 6 players, would go against Arellano at 2pm, GO BEDA FIGHT!

Sunday, June 17, 2012


happy father's day to one of the country's pillar of media broadcasting. It used to be my dream to achieve at least half of what he attained, but with the rate i'm going, I think I need to trace a gradual, rather steep, path hehe. And I know he'll still be proud of me even if I don't venture the same field... same way as how proud I am to be his daughter!

Writing about my dad reminded me of a past friend. He was the latest person I talked to about him, I rarely talk about my dad to other people actually. Anyway, one of his last message to me is to continue striving to be like, or greater, than my dad - an insincere message by the way. Considering those conversations we had about career, I realized that maybe I can try to open up to my dad directly, right? More like 'take it from the expert's' perspective. No pressure, well hopefully. I hope all parents can be like that, coz trust me, it's really hard to follow a great footstep! 

Papa's quite old already, and i think it's about time to brag about him naman kahet pano, he deserves it! So I want to introduce him to today's generation of comm.students -> :)

PS: The last line on his email touched me. I hope so too pa! Wait for my wedding day! I love you <3

Monday, June 11, 2012


cuervo, bacardi and sanmig night. took advantage on the bacardi since the other two mentioned would just make me sick. Only had few shots of tequila and a half bottle of sanmig. I prefer hard liquor mixes than that. 

Went around kowloon house after, and ended up having my good old fave... KEBAB! VERY perfect way to end a very splendid night. like a boss! 

Had minor headaches after eating though, but so what, I didn't get drunk! I constantly check my alcohol intake when I am not with someone I am secured with, mindless if you can drive me home... coz you won't get to drive me home mister. 

Anyway, just posted something random before sleeping... and it's raining again! Perfect time to hug my big pillows :) I just find it ironic that rainy days, esp.rainy nights, make me smile. I love this weather... and with drinks on the side? why not! ;)


Sunday, June 10, 2012


Eyelash extensions by i-lash salon!

The process took me 2 hours while 3 of my other friends took it for 3 hours. It's probably because my eyelashes are quite long already hence the little effort. 88 strands of eyelash EACH EYE were glued. We all chose the Fine eyelash, the other 2 options are Natural (which isn't that obvious) and the Full option which is, well, too obvious! Each strand costs 5 pesos and 50 cents, and with 88 strands for each eye, that would cost you... do the math!

But it's all worth it, especially if you're the type who often put mascara and eyeliner, since these eyelash extensions can be an instant eye makeup already. I am just more careful when washing my face, rubbing my eye, taking off my shirt, etc, to secure the extensions. Tiis ganda!:)

I-lash salon's Ms. Denise Aquino is more famous with her beautiful hair extensions available at Tokyo Posh. I-lash Salon will soon open at Eastwood City, so for those around the area, better practice those beautiful eyes already ;)