Monday, June 11, 2012


cuervo, bacardi and sanmig night. took advantage on the bacardi since the other two mentioned would just make me sick. Only had few shots of tequila and a half bottle of sanmig. I prefer hard liquor mixes than that. 

Went around kowloon house after, and ended up having my good old fave... KEBAB! VERY perfect way to end a very splendid night. like a boss! 

Had minor headaches after eating though, but so what, I didn't get drunk! I constantly check my alcohol intake when I am not with someone I am secured with, mindless if you can drive me home... coz you won't get to drive me home mister. 

Anyway, just posted something random before sleeping... and it's raining again! Perfect time to hug my big pillows :) I just find it ironic that rainy days, esp.rainy nights, make me smile. I love this weather... and with drinks on the side? why not! ;)


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