Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Sudden tagaytay trip from a new found ideal ride (i love SUVs).

Singing ‘We Found Love’ (Rihanna) and ‘Gettin Over You’ (D. Guetta) on the way.

Embracing the cold temperature while drinking cocktail shots.

Visited the ever darling stars and just enjoyed the over looking by pondering on the things that transpired and feeling blessed for the present.

Reached manila 4 hours after.

To complete the weekend: On the next night, gave bouncers a ride (they came from a club and about to transfer to another one) and pretended to be associated with them to get in the place for free… then made some ninja moves to the dj’s booth to give a demo! It was, yet again, a very spontaneous night. Driving, dancing, “acting”, hai, I still choose the ‘chill’ weekends. Haha!

I don’t do clubbing anymore. I love to dance but I don’t like strangers bumping and grinding with me!

But still, both days are a-ok! I couldn’t have done this months ago. I missed having fun without having to worry about someone being mad at me for the activities I’m engaged to.

Weekdays will be quite busy again. So, till the next weekend love :)


Jessica said...

Ive always wanted to go on a roadtrip to Tagaytay.. Picnic and fly kites.. Does that me sound like a hopeless romantic? hahaha

fao rani said...

hi jessica! do try it when you visit the Philippines! and no, you're not hopeless romantic... you're just plain romantic <3 hehe!