Sunday, June 17, 2012


happy father's day to one of the country's pillar of media broadcasting. It used to be my dream to achieve at least half of what he attained, but with the rate i'm going, I think I need to trace a gradual, rather steep, path hehe. And I know he'll still be proud of me even if I don't venture the same field... same way as how proud I am to be his daughter!

Writing about my dad reminded me of a past friend. He was the latest person I talked to about him, I rarely talk about my dad to other people actually. Anyway, one of his last message to me is to continue striving to be like, or greater, than my dad - an insincere message by the way. Considering those conversations we had about career, I realized that maybe I can try to open up to my dad directly, right? More like 'take it from the expert's' perspective. No pressure, well hopefully. I hope all parents can be like that, coz trust me, it's really hard to follow a great footstep! 

Papa's quite old already, and i think it's about time to brag about him naman kahet pano, he deserves it! So I want to introduce him to today's generation of comm.students -> :)

PS: The last line on his email touched me. I hope so too pa! Wait for my wedding day! I love you <3

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