Sunday, June 10, 2012


Eyelash extensions by i-lash salon!

The process took me 2 hours while 3 of my other friends took it for 3 hours. It's probably because my eyelashes are quite long already hence the little effort. 88 strands of eyelash EACH EYE were glued. We all chose the Fine eyelash, the other 2 options are Natural (which isn't that obvious) and the Full option which is, well, too obvious! Each strand costs 5 pesos and 50 cents, and with 88 strands for each eye, that would cost you... do the math!

But it's all worth it, especially if you're the type who often put mascara and eyeliner, since these eyelash extensions can be an instant eye makeup already. I am just more careful when washing my face, rubbing my eye, taking off my shirt, etc, to secure the extensions. Tiis ganda!:)

I-lash salon's Ms. Denise Aquino is more famous with her beautiful hair extensions available at Tokyo Posh. I-lash Salon will soon open at Eastwood City, so for those around the area, better practice those beautiful eyes already ;)

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