Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Today, we are saddened by Nora Ephron's death from a 6-year battle on Leukemia. I personally admire her because she's a novelist, journalist, blogger, screenwriter... and to top it all, an Oscar nominated filmmaker! She just owned all my aspirations! 

The books on the picture are my mom's, and they're just some of Nora Ephron's other numerous accomplishments. I am not gonna shove to anyone's face that I liked her for I also like her books, coz I don't. I never read her books. But I like Nora Ephron because she wrote and directed some of the heart touching movies I've seen: You've Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, Bewitched, and Julie&Julia, while she wrote When Harry Met Sally. I can't believe I have seen and liked most of her films. When Harry Met Sally, 1989, is one of my all time fave film! Her works are just too personal to the heart, whether it's about love, magic, or food, it will all swoon you with a hundred "Aaaaw". 

You are one of the testament that being a writer is flexible as it is. Whether on a book, a blog, or a film, writing changes people, touches the innermost oblivious struggle of the soul, and brings joy to whoever understands its purpose. 

May you rest in peace Ms. Nora Ephron, thank you for the ever charming films we would always fall in love with.

Photo taken with Instagram (follow me - faorani) : SHAMELESS PLUG HAHA!

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