Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Miss her sermon πŸ‘ˆ& her sumbongπŸ‘‰. Dj's night ule chi?not? haha! Love u both! (Taken with Instagram)
September has been truly good to me. Can't be specific with every blessing that came my way, but I am just hoping for better days ahead. So happy to see old friends as well, haven't got the chance to see them for quite some time.
Another one. Mga mukhang inosente haha! @ninamagyani (Taken with Instagram)
makukulet paren! raffy's bday!
makukulet paren! raffy's bday! (Taken with Instagram)

humabol sa picture while taking a phone call hehe, (Taken with Instagram)
with jec and meloi at En Route #oneofthoseweekend #enroutedistillery #girlfriends
with jec and meloi at En Route #oneofthoseweekend #enroutedistillery #girlfriends (Taken with Instagram)
weeks ago. nakiki-triple bday with hsbc peeps! #centralkalayaan (Taken with Instagram)
I think one or two of those pictures above happened late August, not September, just not sure. I will always appreciate a good drink and definitely great food at the end of a busy week! But the best part with seeing them again, as I don't get to join my old friends that much anymore, is hearing how they have been and unfortunately even hearing the not so good ones. I heard a story of a girl ending a 6-year relationship because of endless cheating while also struggling the pain of being a child out of wedlock. I heard a story of two wives both fighting for their right over their husbands' families. I heard a guy's story of being left by a woman carrying his child. I heard all painful stories... in one month! I just have to include that here coz it was really an eye opener, and I also realized that I need more time to check on my friends once in a while. Sorry for being busy. But man, I have seen so many tears in just a month! Good thing movies like The Mistress don't make me cry anymore!

On a lighter note though, also happy to say that I made it on the top 3 spot for link count and also on the top 3 spot together with 2 others for link quality, all for my first month. I am opening learning opportunities to seo (more than the link building that I used to do) slowly. Actually I just finished some Google Adsense 101 a while ago from the expert, my supervisor, hehe! I would probably update you guys with my plans on pursuing the other aspects of digital marketing, depending on God's plans for me.
my first month was a good start!😊 Yay!:) #seo #top3 #saumpisalangyanhaha
my first month was a good start!😊 Yay!:) #seo #top3 (Taken with Instagram)
Right now I am enjoying the busy streets of the South. I have no regrets on choosing to take risks and discover myself more by working in an industry and place that is out of my comfort zone. It was also overwhelming when I got an offer for DotPH, unfortunately I am already employed. Leaving my ad agency in QC was indeed a right decision, thank you September for not making it hard for me.

Sometimes we tend to miss chances because we are afraid to give up what has been easy for us. Sometimes we stick to our comfort zone, not realizing that it can cause us mediocrity. Don't close your door because of fear that something so good won't happen again. Try peaking, and you'll be surprised on what you will discover.

I tend to sleep earlier now, and wake up quite early too. Sometimes I would get drowsy half way of a drinking session, bummer! Haha! I also don't smoke at work anymore, and is slowly becoming an occasional smoker. I don't know what kind of inspiration & motivation hit me, but it is a pretty good hit anyway.

This is not me, this is not my comfort zone, but surprisingly... I kinda like it :)

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