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Student Shoots Girlfriend Before Shooting Self In Manila

(Updated 6 p.m.) A college student shot his 17-year-old girlfriend in the face during a confrontation inside one of the classrooms at the Universidad de Manila on Saturday and then shot himself, a radio report said. 
According to a dzBB report, one of the students who witnessed the incident said the shooting happened on the third floor of the school building at 11:20 a.m., involving the suspect and his girlfriend, both freshmen students taking up political science.
Their names have been withheld as both students are minors.

The radio report said that two were supposedly arguing about the girl's being two months pregnant. She allegedly wanted to have the baby aborted but the suspect reportedly objected to the idea.
However, a later report on GMA News TV said that the girl had actually been trying to break up with the suspect but was threatened several times by the latter. On Wednesday, the suspect had allegedly threatened to kill the girl if she tried to break up with him again.

Wilfredo Lial, a freshman, said the suspect then rushed out of the classroom and opened fire at the students. The suspect then tried shooting himself in his temple. The report did not indicate whether other students were hurt.
"Noong una tinutukan niya ng baril iyong babae, tapos nagpaputok pa siya uli, kami na ang pinagbabaril niya," said Lial.
The report said the suspect used a cal-38 pistol.

Authorities have yet to determine how the suspect was able to sneak the firearm into the school premises, it added. Investigators are checking reports that the shooter's father is a policeman.

The girl was rushed to the Manila Doctors Hospital while her boyfriend was brought to the Philippine General Hospital. Classes in the university have already been suspended due to the incident.
As of this posting, there was no report yet on the condition of the two in the hospital. The school has yet to issue an official statement. —
Mark MerueƱas/LBG/TJD, GMA News

Sometimes I wonder how love can actually transform you to being either the most beautiful fairy in the land, to being the most gruesome monster alive.

Or maybe both. Maybe love does give you both of its extreme consequences. That bliss at the start, and that remorse at the end. 17 year olds, minors, how can love poison you at a very young age. You are yet to know the most hurtful things love can do… and you are yet to discover the magic love can give you, if only you had handled it well.

I am a bit depressed right now, and this story did became a wake up call for me, that hey, you are just like those two freshmen victims of love. DO NOT LET LOVE CONSUME YOU. At the end of the day, yes, we are all victims of love… but c’mon, we are also our own suspect. Love slowly, we only have ourselves to blame.


Anonymous said...

being a student of the said school, this news is indeed very shocking. but the girl isn't pregnant. it was a facade made by the guy involved so that their parents will be able to let them marry. the girl is just breaking up with him because the guy's inflicting much harm to the girl. she was advised but the faculty that she must keep distance with the guy but she can't because everytime she tries, the guy is committing suicide. the girl pitied the guy so she can't leave him. unfortunately, one incident pulled the girl's patience into the extreme that made her decide to break up with the guy. after a week of having not much of the communication and the guy is actually not coming in the school, he arrived that Saturday. that fatal Saturday where it all happened. the guy is actually taking up anti-depressant drugs because of psychiatric problems. this, we cannot blame to the guy. this is actually the truth behind the incident. too sad and tragic. and yes, indeed, they are victims of love.

fao rani said...

Hi =)
Yeah, I did believe that the girl isn't really pregnant.
I am sorry for what happened, I know that being a part of that school, you are saddened of course and at the same time would want to defend issues that may have come out wrong.
May God bless them and thank you for sharing what you know =)

Anonymous said...

hi i'm the same student who wrote the first comment. yeah it felt so saddening indeed that the guy just died Tuesday last week. too young for such a tragic death. the guy's eyes were actually donated as what his mother said to compensate for what his son did. fortunately, the girl is now conscious and able to speak few words because she can't force herself to talk as advised by her doctor. *sigh*. May he rest in peace and may the girl recover soon. actually, sharing what i know to this kind of blog is worth an effort because it clarifies the story behind the story. keep it up and God Bless :))

fao rani said...

Aaaw, the guy died? I smiled about the eye being donated, what a good way to vindicate oneself. For the girl, as long as she has faith, she'll do well =)

Hope you put your name for recognition =) But thanks still for considering my site as your medium to voice out...

Study hard.. God Bless =)

Anonymous said...

Very informative post, I ought to speak. This post is fully encouraging in its own ways and I am confident that it will even succeed in encouraging other people like me.And yes i have tweeted your site .

fao rani said...

hi another anonymous.

I'm very happy you like it,and thank you so much for tweeting it =D

Anonymous said...

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