Monday, April 17, 2006

It Was Easter (darksis!)

It was easter Sunday and I went to starbucks too meet my kada from high school. We collectively call ourselves “darksisters” (but it was originally called 'Montiel'). We’ve been together for 4years now (well, I’ve been w/ them for 3years though since I’m a new student when we were in 3rd yr). It’s sad to know that we get to meet each other once in a while only since we’re all in college already (except for kats, but she will be soon!).

We decided to meet up to celebrate our day *15* (our anniversary is Feb.15), but yesterday was 16, so it was a belated celebration. Nine of us came, peby, kats, meg (w/ her bf nathan), joyce, fetoo, zai, kevin, rexzy & yours truly. The main thing that made this day special was the time when kats initiated to finally say something about the never ending fight between rexzy & kevin over zai. It’s almost a year since this brawl started. I mean, we’re a group, and this is not healthy. It didn’t started well though but as both sides was heard, and resolutions were somehow laid on the table, big smiles and deafening laughter finally came out.

Those left (me, joyce, zai, fetoo kevin and rexzy) decided to go to Off D Grill. Argh, the country song is irritating, the heat was infuriating and we just really have to leave. We transferred to Pier1, rexzy, kevin and zai ordered food while the rest preferred to drink. It was kuya joff who assisted us (whatever, hehe). It was nice to look at them, in one table full of laughter. It’s really been a long time since we got to share stories without any feeling of awkwardness and hesitations. We’ve blabbed about stories of wistfulness, to college life, and practically to everything funny and good source of gag.

Finally, we decided to go home, and I guess everything turned out well. As rexzy puts it, let them be ‘casual friends’, and I agree, it’s safer that way. I just hope that there is still some room for forgiveness, and I know there is… pride should be over and done.

I love you darksis, and though I’ve met a lot of kadas after high school, though I’ve had my own kada after high school… those in my high school days can still never be replaced. We are beautiful and we are judged, we are stubborn yet we have matured (I hope), but the ‘cute’ laughter and ‘sweet’ tears we’ve shared is what’s important.

It was Easter Sunday, and we celebrated a friendship reborn.

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