Monday, March 16, 2009


I know it’s quite late to celebrate my joy and say my thank you's through blogging, but bare with me as I tried my best to squeeze this on my free time =D


There are 4 categories in our Videofest: Talkshow, NEWS, Feature and yes… the documentary category. It was the category that everyone was waiting for, the last but not the least, the most unpredictable category.
And yup, remember the documentary that I was telling you about on my previous entry? The one I directed? The one I thought or assumed to would not have a chance on winning? Well guess what…



The moment I was handed the microphone for the speech, I automatically uttered: “If only I can bring you all guys to Binangonan, in Isla Talim, and experience the joy we have felt!”

“ is a privilege to be in the documentary category because we get to see the reality of life and the best part of it is that we get to share it with you guys…”

I almost forgot to say thank you because I was so overwhelmed with the result. See CEU Malolos’ entry “Mahabe Pagota” (tama ba spelling?), which featured the livelihood in Sierra Madre, was getting almost all the minor awards, so the moment Sir Villarante announced: “1st place is… Mahabe Pagota!”, I was like shocked in disbelief because all along I thought they would get the best documentary award.

So, if CEU Malolos won 1st place… who could the winner be? Gawd, I didn’t wanna assume but my hands were trembling, I was hugging the guy beside me (don’t worry I know him), and I am at the same time telling myself: WAG KA MAG-ASSUME, WAG KA MAG-ASSUME, MAY MGA IBA PANG ENTRIES……

“the best documentary program is… TALIM!”

The feeling of standing up and walking down the auditorium is better than going up the stage, and don’t ask me why coz I don’t know the reason either. We were like freaks up stage, we’re dancing like monkeys, and we simply enjoyed the moment. Like what some said: pailalim daw kami tumira, we weren’t getting much award, only to find out that we will be getting the best of the best award… yun oh!

Yes indeed, it was a cherry on top, on top of a big pile of lessons and realizations that I learned as I savor the journey of directing this ‘super astig’ documentary!

Again I guess it’s never too late to show my appreciation right?

To Tata Raul, my biggest apology for still not being able to thank you personally, but I am sincerely grateful to have met someone like you who is so devoted to his hometown and to his passion as well. Thanks for the book too Tata Raul, you are truly a good soul with a gift on words that I somehow envy (mahina po kasi ako magsulat sa Tagalog eh, hehe).

To the people in Talim, man this place is solid, solid as i-Touch by the way, haha! Thanks for welcoming us warmly, for trusting us, and for supporting us. I am happy that we got to use your place as an implement to show the people the real meaning of contentment. Truly this place is blessed with good resources and most especially with good people.

To BUMS (Business Unusual Media Solutions), my biggest THANK YOU’S to all of you guys! That’s all… haha! Nah! Thanks to Kuya Jun, Tim, Monty and Jeypi for the all out support, for the patience and for the friendship most especially. We started out as na├»ve students to all these equipment for shooting, and now we have familiarity on how to use them. Thanks for the post production and the freebies as well. Ultimately I thank you guys for not hindering us to explore our capabilities yet instead you honed us by sharing your knowledge in ways that we could both enjoy each other’s company. Lastly, I personally wanna thank you bums for making me realize that what is essential is purely being happy on what you do, as much as you guys enjoy what you're doing… but then again… you can only do so much. =)

To i-Touch team, thanks for basically being the coolest and craziest production team I have ever worked with. Thanks for sticking up with one another to continue this topic despite the uncertainties of failing. I remembered the time I broke down because I felt helpless and hopeless with our group, haha, shooting lang pala katapat nyo. I was surprised with each and everyone’s performance on the shoot, I saw the excitement and enthusiasm, yup I saw Ram’s excitement (di lang sya halata) =P I guess this is the perfect grad gift I can give Nena, since she never won any award on her previous years. We broke the curse dear… and we broke it very well!

Lastly I wanna thank all the people who discouraged me. As I write this I realized how weak I have become for giving up so easily. It just saddens me that some people who are in the position to inspire and encourage others would rather choose to dispirit them instead. Well what can I say, I still respect those people, for without them there will be no balance in nature… you know, the yin and the yang… the negative and the positive?

Aryt, got so much time for this blog already, I better get going… thanks thanks to everyone again…

It was the passion and the heart that made us won this, coz believe it or not… masaya kame sa ginagawa namen… *weh wushu!* =D


Liza said...

wahahaha... nice photos. :)

happy blogging. hope to see you in my blog too. :) thanks.

fao rani said...

hehe, kulet eh noh!