Monday, March 26, 2012


Became my niece / inaanak's stylist , hair, and make-up artist for her senior's night :)  

Our batch in HS is the only batch w/o a gradball or senior's night bec.we were said to be the worst batch DAW. We also don't have a gradpic and yearbook, hmph. hehe. So I was so excited for Dana's time to enjoy her last partey in HS!

She's so tall, like 5'7 already? And she's only 16 this year. She'll be taking up Tourism in UST... course for tall girls anyway,hehe.

After being her fairy godmother, I went to St.Jude, then met with a friend to grab some milk tea, and then fetched her up before midnight. I am such a good ate.. haha :)

PS: temporary grad gift ko muna yan, while buma-bum pa si ate ;) 

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