Thursday, March 21, 2013


digital marketing

Happening as I speak.

Lucky to have the chance to work with 3 of the speakers for the Digital Marketing in a BLINK conference. Never really thought that I’m working for and with 3 of the men to watch for on internet marketing. Got curious again how Itamar is on public!:)                                             

Mike Villar has been a familiar name on the other hand. I remembered him being one of my first few friends on Facebook! And yeah, I've always considered him as one of those cool bloggers that not surprisingly even proclaimed himself as the "rising internet star"! Whatever happened to his blog anyway?

Digital Marketing is really something that we should all look forward to. Learn more about it by attending the numerous IMMAP (Internet & Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines) conferences and digital marketing online courses they’re offering. 

Discover the online world of advertising! ;)

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