Thursday, November 21, 2013


Tuesday’s breakfast! Normally, I would most probably just heat this leftover pesto pasta, microwave it, eat and go. Admittedly if that’s the easiest way I can save myself for doing something more complicated in the kitchen, I wouldn’t think twice… considering I woke up late for work.

But for some reasons, I found myself holding the knife and garlic. I can’t remember my last encounter with the chopping board. This is funny because what I actually did is NOTHING remarkable I know. But for someone like me to actually take an extra effort of making this leftover a lil more special (or tasty), that means something. And thank you for that reason, whatever that is, for making me realize that our chopping board has been with us since I don’t know when! Gosh, buhay pa pala sya? Haha.

PS: I enjoyed it, the garlic and oil on my pesto is heaven. Care to inspire me more?:)

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