Wednesday, December 10, 2008



I was really surprised when i heard about Marky Cielo's death... my friend sent a group text message about it, and doubted her at first. But when I saw the vtr about his death in Showbiz Central, that's the time i dropped my jaw, shooked my head, and whispered: "OMG, di ako makapaniwala".

Not everyone knows Marky actually, but the good impression he showed to the viewers is enough for him to be recognized. I remembered how I really wished for him to win in Starstruck, I'm not really a fan of morenos but his looks just got this charm, the Igorot charm maybe.

20 years old, only had two decades to live. Some say it was suicide, I say it was a sad thought. I agree with other people's presumptions that he tried drugs though, got too much of it and died. I have always been proud on his good image, but was it too much that he decided to release himself through means of tablets or whatsoever? Don't blame us for thinking this way, if only his family can share the medical report then there will be no speculations at all!

Lovi Poe said this message in SIS:
"alam mo naman na andito lang kami, isang text o tawag lang..YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE DONE SOMETHING LIKE THAT"

and Glaiza de Castro's message: "sana maging peaceful ka kung san ka man naroroon ngayon..alam mo naman un eh...PWEDE MO NAMAN SABIHIN SAMIN"

and when Marky's mom was asked if it was a work related or personal problem, her mom said that it wasn't work related... let's all just read between the lines.

Marky has so much to give, but I guess good people really have higher tendency of dying early (hai, i'm safe). I wonder, what was he thinking that moment before he died? But whether it was suicide or not, he will still remain as one of the nicest actor of his generation. It was a total surprise, true enough, we can't really tell when we will reach the finish line.


Me, and three other friends decided to watch 100 in Robinsons Galleria. We rode a GLiner bus going to Cainta. Th
e bus was almost full so we decided to look for vacant seats at the back. Two guys unhesitatingly stood up to give us their seats... and i automatically doubted them because you can hardly meet such guys already (and ewe, they look like holdapers naman talaga noh!). Me and Marlyn were seated together while Cara and Jairo were seated at the back. Marlyn was just telling me of her experience on the "dura dura gang" when suddenly the guy standing beside us approached the girl seated at the right end of the back seat: "miss may dura ka sa kanang balikat mo". Me and marlyn were carefully looking at the girl, quite surprised since we were just talking about it seconds ago. My heartbeat went faster while waiting for Marlyn's go signal to go down (kahit nagbayad na kami, tsk, sayang!).

"Marlyn yung kaharap, katabi mo, at kalikod natin magkaka-kuntsaba yan"

The four of us, and the poor girl at the right end were surrounded by the "dura-dura gang"! Before we went down, Marlyn and Cara told the konduktor that there are suspected (actually di na suspected eh!) theft at the back. Hai, i wonder what happened to the girl we left, hope she went home safely.

The Audience Award on this year's Cinemalaya, Best Actress for Mylene Dizon, Best Director and Best Screenplay Awards for Direk Chris, and the Best Supporting Actress Award for Eugene. This movie is about Joyce (Mylene D.), a cancer patient who only has 3 months to live. Knowing this she decided to write on post-its the things she would be doing before she dies. She was hopeless, three doctors already told her that there is no hope of curing. And so came the different ways of Joyce to live her last few months to the fullest.

I like Ruby's (Eugene D.) character, adding comic yet sweetness to the story. She is Joyce's bestfriend, and I guess she is the representation of "friendship". It was quite hard when Tessie Tomas' (Joyce's mother in the film) character came into picture. Anything that has got to do with motherhood can really make you cry. She is the representation of family. Lastly, I like Rod's (TJ Trinidad) and Emil's (Ryan Eigenman) role, one to whom Joyce has a secret affair with, and the other one is Joyce's first love. Obviously they represent love. Altogether they spiced up Joyce's struggle to make her last three months more meaningful and worthwhile.

I admire Joyce because I have always been afraid of death, who isn't right? Thoughts of dying is one of my phobias, that's why i really wanted to watch this film thinking that this would help me (it did I guess since I'm writing about death after all). Joyce is truly a valiant woman, giving a positive view on death. Being more hopeful than sucking up to hopelessness.

And if I discover that I only have few months to live, the things that I would want to do are:
- tour Europe
- pero Bora muna!
- sing like a rock star in front of a large audience
- have a photo exhibit
- direct a film and do an advertisement
- serve the PAWS foundation
- drive and drift
- eat all guilty pleasures
- get intimate with guys... and i mean guySSSS...
- but after that, in front of this guy's over confident face, I will tell 'him' how much he means to me, then i'll slap him two times for making me cry a gallon of tears, then hug him tightly after, kiss him passionately... tapos syempre gets nyo na yung sunod...
- tell everyone... each and everyone... who made a mark in my life how much i love them, then thank them... most especially, i will ask for forgiveness.
- compose and sing a Christian song
- lastly, i will go to Calaruega, talk to Him for as long as I want to, then attend Christian services in three different churches (Victory, TNJ, and Jzone).

We will all go there... una unahan lang daw sabi nga nila... each minute brings us closer to the finish line. Simply enjoy the race, that's the only precaution we can do.

"Naalala ko sabi ni daddy... if everyone wants to go to heaven, then why nobody wants to die?" - Joyce (100)


jh3n said...

I was shocked too. Ayaw ko paniwalaan mga nasa net. Sabi ko nga sa friend ko baka kalokohan na naman yan. tsismis kumbaga. but when I saw the news I cried a lot really. I don't know why I'm not a fan or whatsoever. Sa lahat ng artistang namatay siya lang iniyakan ko. :P I am curious too about what is the cause of death. but all of us must respect the family. :( sayang siya. hays

fao rani said...

pareho tayo, im not a fan *pro isa sya sa gusto ko sa lahat ng starstruck* nalungkot pren aq! i got the chance to bond with him xe cguro last year.
yeah, i guess we just have to wait for the outcome =/

Mamma Mia said...

Sayang si Marky. I heard somewhere that he committed suicide because he got a politician's daughter pregnant. I don't know if it's true. Pero sayang talaga sya. :(

fao rani said...

tlaga? bsta lam q nga may na-preggy sya..sad sad...tsk!