Thursday, February 5, 2009


Yeah I wasn’t able to update my blog for very exhausting reasons, hehe.


Our dog for 8 years. She was a brave one actually, she got blind a year ago but she never became bitter about it. Queenie is sensitive to viruses; she got blind due to it and yeah, died because of it. She is a little dog with a shy personality. She loves bread more than anything else. We would buy bread for her and feed her while we watch television at night. I cried a lot when she died although I was expecting it already. I prayed with tears while she was in the hospital.

Losing a pet is definitely losing a member of the family; I still can’t believe she’s not here anymore. I can imagine her passing by me as I write this while her tail wags as she hears the plastic of the bread she is about to eat. She was brave, and she was the nicest dog we ever had. I LOVE YOU QUEENIE! You’re with your mom Nokia now =(


Yeah, I celebrated my bday last January 30. I really had no plans to celebrate though coz I am saving money for our documentary film. Much to my dismay, half of the people who greet me every year DIDN’T GREET ME THIS YEAR! The whole day was plain boring. Everything I want to focus on was connected to the documentary we’re doing. I was exhausted with the work loads. I dunno, maybe this is the sad part when growing old, birthdays sometimes become less special =(


I am the director of our production group. The challenge is obviously there, but the hell, I am embracing it whole heartedly! This is actually a competition at the same time, together with the Talk Show, NEWS, and Feature category.

We had our shoot last February 1 and 2. The experience is over whelming and I just feel privileged to be doing a documentary and seeing the reality of life first hand (clue: we had a shoot in an island)!

I am also chosen by the Talk Show group of our team to be one of their hosts. It was another privilege to be able to converse and hear your opinions on cam! The best part is that I get to work with Drew Arellano!

Hai, maybe this busy life may have caused all the stress and exhaustion, nevertheless I’m still thankful coz it is a balanced life after all… like what they say… you lose some, you win some =)

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