Thursday, May 20, 2010


SERIOUSLY?? Gawd.. tricia santos has now become a trending topic in twitter. Well to be honest.. i felt really really sad. Not because on what happened to tricia but with the reality of character shown on these teenagers. International housemates proved to be a lot more mature than those Filipinos. A reflection of a bigger picture in the society. Btw, that Joe, his morals are way darker than his skin (sorry, sorry).

And now going to the fan page. Honestly those fan pages are soooo polluting the good image of Facebook. I am appalled on some certain 'admins' who act as if they're all that. I don't really like joining fan pages.. I have like 6 or 7 pages and they're all related to my interest and passion like digital art, music, and the businesses of my friends. Some pages are way senseless, pointless, vague, conceited, hypocrite.. and i'm sorry.. but dumb as well!

PBB biased all the way, teens killing the ozone layer for being so plastic, fan pages and admins that are even worst than reading a Jejemon text message... these certain petty parcel of my time do irritate me and i actually don't know why. Kaasar =/

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