Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Another law student died due to senseless brotherhood. It's sad that those who dreamt of serving justice someday, ends up seeking for one.

Andrei Marcos, a first year law student at San Beda College was brought to DLSU Medical Center in Dasmarinas, Cavite Sunday night and was pronounced dead yesterday, Monday afternoon. It is said that the initiation happened at a farm in Cavite, which the son of the owner, Gian Veluz, happens to be a fourth year law student in San Beda.

The thing about being paddled, whether on the arms or legs, is that it limits the normal flow of the blood, which we all know affects the heart. That's why us girls would sometimes have those "pasa" during menstruation right? Or even by just being slightly hit by an object. So just imagine being strongly paddled that the lower part of your body would literally be colored violet. Yes brothers, one can die not just by seeing blood, but also by controlling its normal blood flow. I know this is not the direct aspect that I should tackle, but I just want to push to those KIDS that you are no different from those with guns and knives. Yes, you too can kill someone, even if it was just a wooden paddle. Again, to further explain the what-may-seem-to-be-an-irrelevant-topic, I would just like to BEG if you could make your initiations non fatal. TOO MUCH IS DEADLY - maybe I could explain my point with that phrase. Coz I know these fraternities won't stop, and even the process of initiation won't change. It has been like that since whoever stupid man started those kinds of brotherhood. So the least that I can do is to screw on their head how a hard hit of a paddle can lead to death, not just a week old injury... if it was not taken moderately.

I remembered a part on this year's Cinemalaya entry 'The Animals' where in the role of Patrick Sugui (being a neophyte at a HS fraternity) was asked to randomly beat up someone at an open party, and ends up beating the poor kid to death just bec.Patrick wasn't able to control himself. See? That's even worst. You get to kill someone who isn't even part of your nonsense craving for brotherhood. 

What made the Andrei Marcos news more alarming is that the same incident, on the same college, occurred just last February of this year! Marvin Reglos also died due to hazing, two suspects were arrested while the rest are yet to be found. YET? How soon is yet. I hope that the soonest those deaths due to hazing occur in a year, is the same as how they are resolved too. Unfortunately NO. Hello to the case of Lenny Villa (Ateneo) who also died from hazing, it was just this year that they made a final decision... after 21 YEARS BABY! 

I swear, two very similar incidents in 5 months, is very alarming! I will not fully attach San Beda College from this, but I feel sad for them because inevitably news like this does leave an impression to people... to parents. One great way to vindicate the San Beda College of Law is to basically make it good on producing bar exam top notchers. At the end of the day these parents would still want to send their kids to the most credible school for law. I also do believe that those studying law are at the right age to make their decisions. Yes I would still advice parents to have an open communication regarding it, but you students, c'mon IT IS YOUR DECISION AND CONSEQUENCES. This doesn't just apply to the victims of hazing, but to the suspects as well. See, instead of enjoying life as a future lawyer, you are now to wherever country your filthy parents can send you, just to hide from the justice system. 

Again, too much paddle can lead to death so be moderate with the initiation. San Beda, continue the great education you offer students, and guide them to the deeper practice of PAX (greeting of peace thought in San Beda). Those who are planning to get in a fraternity, it is your choice, but you are not a hero nor Jesus Christ to be beaten to death, wag kang feeling. And to those who actually hit the paddle, how sweet it is to finally get back at those neophyte days of yours right? It's finally your turn man! F.U.! 

I wrote an old post about hazing back in 2007, this time about Chris Anthony Mendez's (U.P.) death, and I hope I won't be writing a third one anymore. 

To end this up, I would just like to leave a simple message: love yourself and be contented with those who love and cares for you. After that, I don't think you need some sort of initiation rights to prove you are worthy. HE already sacrificed Himself for us because we are wonderful as it is, you don't need to sacrifice yours anymore.

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