Wednesday, July 11, 2012


RIGHT: Me wearing a yellow and green tassel &feather necklace.
UPPER LEFT: Recently purchased fabric accessories.
MIDDLE LEFT: Purple tassel necklace.
LOWER LEFT: Previous purchase of tassel and connector accessories.

All from Quirkypedia! Yay colorful :)

Quirkypedia is created by one of your favorite fashion blogger Khai Nunag.

I have been a fan of this online store for a couple of years already, and it never failed me! They constantly change themes and styles, from cross to ribbons, from connector bracelets to multiple-way accessories, from feathers and tassels, from detachable collars to turbans, and from fabric accessories and stacked bracelets / arm candies. 

I got to know Quirkypedia because of their connector bracelets and multiple-way necklaces, which happens to be my fave too. I was curious on how those things work, and became a fan after that. 
Connector ring-bracelets are bracelets with connectors to your fingers to serve as rings. 

Multiple-way necklaces are necklaces of different purposes! Yup, it can be styled into a bracelet, to another style of necklace, to a hippie band, or connector ring. This one in particular is one of their Infinity necklaces, which can be worn in SO MANY WAYS... creativity is limitless!

What I really like about the two styles is that you are not just paying for a single item, coz it's more than your usual bracelets and necklaces!

Another thing that made me love this shop, is its colors! Yeah I love colored accessories, just too eye candy to resist. Check their many uber cute vibrant and pastel colored designs!

Derived from the word quirky (meaning odd, peculiar, unique), Quirkypedia does offer some unconventional accessories that may strike others. I remember getting certain comments from my workmates whenever I wear some of its quirky stuff. The earrings-necklace accessory got the most weird stares, haha. Imagine a necklace with feather earring on each end, so instead of locking it around your neck, you just hook it on both ears and tada... a necklace and earrings in one! My workmates thought it was a gold headset haha! 

They also have an increasing number of celebrity customers: Laureen Uy, Julia Montes, Yeng Constantino, and Cristine Reyes, to name a few.

Do check their affiliate store for clothes too: Quaint Culture

So, would you like to be part of one of today's quirky trends on fashion accessories? Browse Quirkypedia and grab yours now!  

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