Sunday, November 4, 2012


late post 1. have to grab photos :P #halloween #costume #blackswan #addamsfamily #jacksparrow #kiss #joker #FrameMagic (Taken with Instagram)
Late post 2. Photo op-ping with Jamie and Aprox :) #mgabatangmakukulit #spongebob #spiderman #santaclause #costume #halloween (Taken with Instagram)

This is by far the most well spent Halloween long weekend: company Halloween party, saw HS long lost buddies, danced to good club music in an actual club haha, overnight out of town trip, movie marathon, and japanese buffet after praise & worship! Because Dec. might be quite busy for me. Now hello Monday :(

Also heard some sad news to coincide with the mourning weekend. A schoolmate from High School, one year ahead of us, died yesterday (Nov.3) because of hit and run along Commonwealth Ave. He was on a motorcycle and accidentally fell off because of a manhole. He was saved by his helmet, yet unfortunately, he was taken over by a rushing jeepney. His ribcage was damaged and eventually affecting his chest.

Another news is the best friend of the sister of one of my dear friend, okay that was confusing! Her on the other hand is a victim of those riding in tandem modus. GO TO HELL! She was hit by a gun while riding a motorcycle too. Her right area, the liver and kidney, was hit by bullets and was badly damaged.

I hate motorcycles, I just think they're one of the worst invention ever made. Most of all, I hate men who earn money by cutting off other people's dreams. F.U.!

Also, the favorite nephew of one of my closest buddy at work died. He's like a bro that I can never take seriously, until he got a call on oct.31 that his nephew's in the ICU already. His nephew has leukemia, and is just 2 years old.

All death news in less than a week. Hai...

Other sad news this weekend was the closing of Charlie's Grill in Sct. Torillo, into which one of the owners texted me the reason and confirmed. Two of my friends on the other hand is setting up a business in Sct. Torillo as well, hmm... I hope it's not on the same exact place?

Speaking of business, sad news again... the project me and 3 others were planning was postponed because one of them backed out. It was quite sad for me because I am already preparing my possible investment for it. It's a business which I'm confident that given the proper timing, planning, and execution, can be succesful. Hopefully we can continue it early next year.

And the most sad part to end October is facing November on my present company. Hmm... but I'd rather not elaborate yet why.

The Halloween long weekend was both HAPPY and SAD. I guess it's really the perfect time to pray and remember those who left us, and be grateful for the life we have. I pray for everyone's safety and I pray for the souls who are now up there with our Creator. EVERY GISING IS A BLESSING INDEED!

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