Sunday, November 18, 2012


I was surprised on how a phrase said exaggeratedly and irritatingly can become so popular in less than 24 hours.

You don't believe me do you? So you're saying... AMALAYER?

"Amalayer" started when a girl named Paula Jamie Salvosa was caught on video (and was posted on Youtube) while shouting at a lady guard in the LRT 2 Santolan Station. She was freaking out and repeatedly asking the lady guard if she is making her a liar. The video was taken by a Gregory Llamoso, and became a hit over night. The 'amalayer' hashtag trended worldwide, the lrt incident itself had a number of parodies made, and yes, the girl was probably Googled many times already.

Others say that maybe the lady guard really did something rude to provoke her. I say, it still doesn't matter. Being an educated kolehiyala, as what she is claiming, I think this girl should have been more modest and talked to the lady guard calmly.

But this is not the first time that a video showing someone or caused by someone being rude to an employee became viral.

May of this year, celebrity couple Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto, together with 6 others, were caught on video ganging up on the veteran TV host and columnist Ramon Tulfo. The incident happened at the NAIA Terminal 3 where Tulfo and the Santiagos were both patrons of Cebu Pacific Air. Tulfo saw Claudine berating a ground steward over a mishandled luggage, and decided to take a video / photos of it which caused Raymart's enraged. The video in Youtube showed the Santiagos' party hitting Tulfo, Claudine included. It was a shameful video of celebrities without scripts.

Ramon Tulfo, being an advocate of fair justice, as what his show 'Isumbong Mo Kay Tulfo' aims for is just concerned with how the ground personnel was treated. Claudine was said to be shouting at the employee who is almost in tears already. I do understand the frustration of having your luggage/s mishandled, but Ms. Claudine, you are a public personality, your kids are with you at that time, why do you always allow yourself to be seen in your most cheap manner (you guys familiar with her "P.I." video on youtube?).

Also this year of August, a Philip Morris employee named Robert Blair Carabuena was caught on video by TV5 producers manhandling an on-duty MMDA traffic enforcer. The MMDA enforcer named Saturnino Fabros called his attention for ignoring his signal to stop. Carabuena then got off his car and started to verbally and physically assault Fabros. He was really 'maangas' on the video, I'm sorry but that's really the term I would want to use to describe mr. Barney.

Robert Carabuena is an Ateneo graduate and is working in an international company, so sir what particular breeding did you inherit from those? That's the problem of some motorists, especially those with expensive cars and high profile plate numbers, you guys think you're above the law, as if you own the road. The MMDA enforcer was recommended for promotion and was awarded by authority.

All of these videos and stories of employee mistreatment happened just this year. All of which became viral in a span of 24 hours, thanks to Facebook shares, Twitter hashtags, and our opinionated netizens.

But what is with these videos that make it popular and a source of discussion among viewers?

It is because Filipinos by nature love to gossip, love gossip, and love to see something that could be gossiped about. The three 'paparazzis' who took the videos of the mentioned incidents could have just ignored them, but instead they use technology to expose what seems to be a prospect of public interest.

We Filipinos love to 'get involved' in an issue too, 'sawsawero'  as what we call it. We want our witty opinions to be heard. And being a country of smiles, we Filipinos love to ridicule or find something to laugh about on a serious matter.

But too much commentary, jests, and foul words said may cause the subject of ridicule to shame. Cyber bullying to some extent maybe. Just imagine how a 5-minute incident can change your life? How you wish you could turn back time huh?

Respect employees. Honestly I am guilty of being bitchy to our blue collared employees sometimes, but I have my limit. I don't get to the point where a random passerby would be enticed to take a video of me because it became 'entertaining' to watch already. I hate bad service, super hate it, but I make sure that I don't go below the belt.

Paula Salvosa came from an exclusive school, Claudine Barretto came from a prominent family, Robert Carabuena came from a top university. True enough, having the money, the diploma, or even a famous last name, doesn't equate to having good conduct and class. Let's try not to be too proud of ourself, I have always believe on the value of humility. Our guards, personnels, and enforcers are just some of our hard working employees who deal with people everyday and are expected to be patient and understanding to everyone's rants, power tripping, and bitchiness.

We all make mistakes, even Paula, Claudine and Robert should be forgiven too. I am sure they're sorry for mistreating the employees. But the lesson here is, if you don't want to be the stock of laugh, and the most hated person of the week... always look to your left, look to your right, make sure there isn't any camera on record, before throwing your slang rants and uncalled for actions publicly. Or else, be prepared for our concerned paparazzi's ready to expose you on Youtube!

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